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For the past 25 years, Aish UK has aimed to inspire a deeper connection to Judaism and to ensure a vibrant future for the Jewish people. Through diverse educational opportunities, immersive experiences and enduring relationships we share the wisdom and beauty of Jewish faith, practice and community – connecting with as many young Jews as we can, whatever their background, from when they are about to leave home until they build their own.

This role is exciting and fulfilling with high-level responsibility, decision making and the opportunity to work in a fast pace and dynamic environment.

Responsibilities Include;

- Ensuring that campus events, trips, programmes, seminars etc. have the target number of appropriate attendees. It will be the responsibility of this role to ensure there is a recruitment strategy in place for each event/trip.

- Campus representative management – recruit, motivate and manage campus representatives, supporting a team of students who you will work with throughout the year.

- National Marketing and Promotion – assist in the carrying out of advertising and marketing duties needed to successfully promote and market campus activity. This will include managing the development of promotional materials (e.g. banners, posters, gimmicks, Facebook events) and ensure that campus students are aware of all Aish on Campus activity

- Campus Attendance – attendance on campus from September until December for a minimum of 3 days per week, and minimum 2 days per week thereafter. This often involves travelling to campuses with guest speakers and food/equipment for the event. All promotional events (eg Welcome BBQ and Sushi Sign Up) and programme launch weeks must be attended. Up to 8 weekends away is expected. This is to ensure effective recruitment and to aid the development of relationships with the campus reps. Assisting with the set-up and clearing away of equipment is often required at events.

- Creative input – assist the Graphics Department with generating appropriate artwork. It is also expected that there will be a level of initiative taken to design new flyers/postcards to boost awareness and sign-ups for campus activity.

- Administration – work in the Aish office to complete administration responsibilities including; database management and maintaining student contact via email/Facebook/phone conversations.


- Exceptional interpersonal skills – outgoing and friendly personality with extremely good communication skills. The candidate should also have the ability to relate with people from different backgrounds in a professional and mature manner.

- Valid driver’s license and passport.

- Ambition and ability to work hard under strict deadlines

- Good organisation skills – ability to prioritise and work under pressure.

- Design and implement strategies for promoting and recruiting.

- Computer literacy – Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Database experience is a plus.

- Social Media proficiency – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap-chat etc.

- Willing to go above and beyond to ensure success, and a desire to inspire students on campus through leadership.

- Self-motivated – often unsupervised, and typically working in a small team.

This role is available for a 12-month fixed term contract. Ideal for a “Year in Industry” or for a recent graduate. Position starts in July/August 2019.

Campus representative recruitment will be the first major responsibility.

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