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Thank you for taking the time to recommend a prospective candidate - your input is greatly appreciated! Recommendation forms will be received by Fellowship Advisor Susan Albrecht.
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Please highlight any reasons why you are recommending this student. Has he excelled in his coursework and is seeking greater challenges? Has he had a positive and measurable impact on the campus or other community? Has he conducted thought-provoking research or completed an impactful study abroad experience? Is he a leader who hopes to be an agent for change in the future? Can you envision him as an outstanding cultural ambassador? Each of these reasons (and others) can help provide the basis for successful fellowship applications. As I try to assist students in identifying and pursuing their next step, the information you provide here will help get the ball rolling in an advising meeting.
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Potential Fellowship(s) for Student
Please let me know if you have talked about a particular opportunity with a student or if you think that he'd be a great fit for any award. If there is no specific fellowship you have in mind, that’s fine, too!
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