Philadelphia MG Club - Tech Session Interest Survey
As a spinoff to a discussion at the Sept. 13 GTR, we wanted to know about your interest in Little British Car tech sessions. We'd like to know if there's enough interest to make them happen, and if so, what should they be about, who can help teach them, and who can help host them.

Tech Sessions are social and educational get-togethers, where members, and friends of members, can learn about their cars and other related technology. Sometimes these sessions may even be about actually working on a member's car, performing a task that many would like to learn or improve upon. Other times they may simply be an informative talk, discussion or demonstration. They would usually be held on a Saturday morning, or on a Sunday afternoon, and folks would hopefully bring munchies to share.
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Your name:
Are you interested in attending tech sessions?
What are your areas of interest?

Potential areas might be carburetors, distributors/ignition, electrical wiring, engine rebuilding, transmissions, upholstery repair, installing a top or tonneau, bodywork, welding, 3D printing of parts... there are endless possibilities, and we're not limited to these selections.  Tell us what you'd like to learn!
Do you have a 'project' idea that members may want to watch, learn and potentially participate in doing? If so, tell us your idea(s)!

For example, Roger Williams recently needed an engine built and installed for his Mini Cooper S, so Kevin McLemore offered to build and install the motor, and club members were invited to watch, learn and participate in the work sessions.
Would you like to teach, or help teach, a tech session?
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If you answered "Yes" above, what subjects might you want to teach, or to help teach?
Would you be willing to consider hosting a tech session?

Hosting would mean allowing us to use space in your home, garage or outdoor area, to gather members for instruction. Not all topics would require a garage!  Also, hosting does not mean you'd have to teach or help teach - just that you'd provide your hospitality.
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If you answered "YES" to hosting, what sort of space can you offer?
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Do you have anything else you'd like to suggest or let us know about potential tech sessions?
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