Volunteer - Building Greeter

As the representative of the Saint Paul Art Crawl and the Artists building you would be in attendance, please acquaint yourself with the responsibilities of a "Greeter" for the Art Crawl weekend.

- Greet people as they enter the building. Welcome them, be engaged.

- Hand people the Saint Paul Art Crawl Catalog.

- Give each person an “I Buy Art” sticker! (Artist’s hand out the “i Bought Art” stickers).

- Direct people to the top floor of the building, so they can work their way down to see all participating artists, review with your Building Organizer if this applies to your specific building.

- Get to know your building through the catalog! This way you will be able to guide people to specific Artist’s locations, if requested.

- Recommend and accept donations. Make payable to: Saint Paul Art Crawl (Do not leave donation container unattended!). If you need to leave take the container with you, please

- Donation containers need to be turned into the Building Organizer each evening.

- Know where lavatories are located.

- Know the location of emergency exits.

- Answer general logistic questions.

- Attend materials on the Greeter table (sit or stand).

- Complete your time card. Turn this into your Building Organizer at the end of your shift. If you are working more than one shift, be prepared to turn in the time card on your last shift of the Crawl.

Important, have a good time!

This is provided as a guide, not a complete reference. If you have unanswered questions contact us at: volunteer@saintpaulartcrawl.org

Thank you for volunteering for the Saint Paul Art Crawl!


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