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ABOUT US: VERGE Capital connects caring local investors with local enterprises that have a social or environmental mission at their core.

VERGE Capital is a social finance program of Pillar Nonprofit Network in collaboration with Libro Credit Union, London Community Foundation, MaRS Centre for Impact Investing, Sisters of St. Joseph and the Government of Ontario. VERGE Capital currently operates two separate social finance loan funds that provide capital to both new and established organizations across Southwestern Ontario.

VERGE STARTUP FUND: Provides loans to early stage, high-growth social enterprises. Our loan sizes range from $5,000 to $100,000. Terms of the loans are customized to each successful recipient.

VERGE BREAKTHROUGH FUND: The VERGE Breakthrough Fund is Southwestern Ontario’s first impact investing fund providing growth capital to social and environmental enterprises. The fund makes it possible for investors to leverage their investment portfolio to create positive community impact through a pooled approach. The fund provides loans of $50,000 to $500,000 to affordable housing development projects, community real estate projects and established social enterprises.

Submission of this Expression of Interest does NOT guarantee approval of loans. Your answers will guide the VERGE Capital team to understand if your social enterprise fits our eligibility. If you need support completing the form please email

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