WisCon 2023 Covid Survey
This survey is for contact tracing at WisCon, we need to make sure you can isolate or quarantine safely and have safe access to meals and other resources. Unless you request it, your name will never be revealed publicly, and you will be automatically assigned a case number. We will not release your name, email, or hotel room to anyone but need to know where you have been to let other attendees know if they may have been exposed. If you need assistance but want to use the form anonymously please email covid@wiscon.net

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Did you get positive Covid test results or have Covid like symptoms? *
What events have you attended? Please consult the con schedule for event names https://program.wiscon.net/PublicSchedule.php *
Where else have you congregated with others and when were you there? For example, the hotel bar on Friday night,  Michelangelo's Saturday morning, or a restaurant you ate at. Please keep your responses anonymous. *
Date of positive Covid-19 test *
Are you currently staying at the hotel? *
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