2019 Spring Mother-Daughter Registration Form
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Cost: Cost includes four meals (Saturday lunch through Sunday lunch), Official Mother/Daughter Weekend
Souvenir Pictures, Snapshots from the weekend on an USB drive and Mother/Daughter t-shirts.

Mother and daughter: $410.00 Each additional daughter: $150.00

Extras: Friday night arrivals: Mother and Daughter - $25.00 Each additional daughter - $12.50
Horseback Riding: $32.00 per person per activity period
Arts and Crafts- Extra charge, based on project you choose.

Note: Any additional charges you acquire over the weekend such as choosing to ride again or Arts and Crafts, you will settle up on Sunday as you check-out to leave.

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Multiple Daughter's
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Parent's Authorization
I and my daughter(s) have permission to engage in all prescribed camp activities, except as noted above by me. I give permission to allow photographs, digital images, and video footage that includes myself and my daughter(s) or any written material that she or I may write about camp to be used in Camp Skyline's promotional material. In the event, I cannot be reached in an emergency, I hereby give permission to the physicians selected by the Camp Director to hospitalize, secure proper treatment for, and to order injection, anesthesia or surgery for myself and my daughter(s).
Mother-Daughter Parent Approval
Overview of the schedule: (Note: We are on Central Time)
Friday: Though we have no special activities planned for you, you may choose to spend Friday night at Skyline (additional charge). We will serve you breakfast on Saturday morning.

8:00-9:00- Check- in
9:15- Official welcome
10:15- 1st Activity
11:15- 2nd Activity
12:30- Lunch/Mother/Daughter photogrpahs
1:30- 3rd Activity
2:30- 4th Activity
3:30- 5th Activity
4:30- 6th Activity
5:30- Free Time
6:00- Dinner
7:00- Evening Program
8:00-Campfire Devotion

8:00- Breakfast
9:00- Morning Devotion
9:30- 7th Activty
10:30- 8th Activity
11:30- 9th Activity
12:30- Lunch

Activity Choices at Mother-Daughter Weekend
Archery- Learn the basic skills for shooting bows and arrows.

Arts and Crafts- Use your creative talent or find a new hobby in arts and crafts. Please note there is a charge for arts and crafts materials.

Canoeing- Spend some peaceful time paddling the beautiful Little River.

Circus- Come fly at the circus and learn some of the tricks professionals perform.

Climbing Tower- The climbing tower is a great place to learn to rock climb. Start out on our beginner walls and work your way up the most advanced.

Horseback Riding- Wear your jeans and your cowboy hat (if you have one) and enjoy a trial ride. Please note that there is a fee of $32 per person per hour to ride.

Pamper Pole- Take the leap of faith on the pamper pole. This activity consists of a climb up 25ft pole and a jump off the top to a trapeze bar.

Dangling Duo- Teamwork makes the dreamwork, as you climb to the top as a team on this giant ladder.

Centipede and Nerds Rope- 2 Ropes elements all about climbing.

Riflery- Target shooting with air rifles can be a load of fun. Come and learn how to be safe and responsible with a rifle and see what kind of marksperson you are (Minimum age 9).

V-swing- The V-swing is a big version of your swing set at home. This ropes course attraction is exhilarating. It is a favorite with campers and moms alike.

Zipline- This ropes course attraction is another favorite. After climbing to the top of the zipline, enjoy the fast pace reward of riding the zipline to the bottom.

Swimming- Bring your swimsuit and take a little dip in the pool.

Level 1 Ropes- Try out our new ropes course, bottom level. This course offers 8 new challenge elements (Minimum age 10).

Level 2 Ropes- Try our new ropes course, top level. Holding 9 new challenge elements, exiting off the zipline (Minimum age 10).

Pottery- Time to get creative and enjoy painting a ceramic piece of pottery, to take home with you.

Please Choose up to 12 activities you would like to do at Mother-Daughter Weekend. *
If you are taking horseback riding, how many will ride? *
Payment Information
Payment must be received prior to attending any Mother-Daughter Weekend. We cannot guarantee your spot without your payment. If you have any questions, please call our office at 256-634-4001 or email Rebekah at rebekah@campskyline.com.
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