IIPE 2017 Bank Transfer Tracking Details
Please provide as much of the following information as possible – without which we will have difficulty tracking your payment. Please see the bank account info for Grillhof for an example.
Email address
Name of Sender
the name on the bank account the funds are coming from
Your answer
Name of Participant
Who is the payment for? Especially important if the name on the bank account is different.
Your answer
Amount Transferred
Send money in Euros only.
Date of Transfer
Month / Day
Name of Bank
the origin of the funds (the bank the funds are coming from)
Your answer
Bank account number #
the # of the senders account
Your answer
Bank code
if available
Your answer
IBAN number #
if available
Your answer
BIC number #
if available
Your answer
Any additional notes or details
that might be helpful for us in tracking your transfer
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