2019 CUR Reader Survey
What is the #1 thing you like to see in particular this year in terms of content? Anything I could be doing better? Anything that is missing that you wish we would talk about?
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A Few Q's about YOU!
Because YOU are the most important person here! The better I know you, the better content I can create FOR you.
How would you describe yourself?
Why do you like reading CUR? What do you get here that you don't get elsewhere? What keeps you coming back?
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How long have you been following CUR?
What best describes you in terms of age?
Where do you live?
How often do you read the blog?
Are you a blogger yourself?
How do you find out about new posts?
What would you like to see MORE of? Check any/all!
Would you want to be subscribed to CUR, to get new posts sent straight to you instead of needing to find them on social media?
What other blogs do you like to read? Why?
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When shopping for clothing, what do you usually feel comfortable spending per item?
Do you have any specific ideas/needs when it comes to STYLE-related posts?
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Which are your favorites when it comes to style-related posts? (Check all that apply)
If you are looking for more personal content, can you elaborate on that? What kinds of topics would you like to see covered? Specific questions that you’d like answered?
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On the topic of “real life”– how can I do a better job of bringing the whole “real life” component to life on this blog? Would you want a sortof weekly recap of just chitchatting about the week?
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I really want to create more of a sense of community in 2019 – would you be interested in CUR reader meet ups? (Yes/no)
Anything you wish could/would be different about the layout/navigability of CUR?
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Do you have any other ideas on how to create more of a community? What have you seen done out there that you really loved? What do you wish you were getting from other bloggers that you aren’t? I’m open to any ideas that you have!
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Anything else you'd like to add?
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