Online Host Teacher Meeting Form 2021-2022
We suggest that you engage in an Icebreaker Activity with your host teacher prior to discussing the school year, students, and expectations.

You can find the Icebreakers in the Toolbox in the "Beginning of the Year" section.

During your conversation with your host teacher, please discuss the items below and collect the following information for yourself. The goals of that meeting are to help you:

- get acquainted with your teacher, including the teacher's background, experience with MITF Fellows...
- facilitate getting the teacher acquainted with you, including your background, experience with children,
  knowledge of Israel...
- learn about what is expected of you as a Fellow, your role in the school...
- learn about your school including demographics, diversity...
- discuss how the school functions around the current parameters regarding COVID-19

The list of the questions for the following form:

Your first name
Your host teacher's first name
Your last name
Your host teacher's last name
Date of first online meeting with your teacher
Name of your school
City of your school
School address
School telephone number
Name of principal
Principal's email address
I gave the teacher my contact information, including phone number, email address...
What type of school will I be working at?
What is the name of the office/school secretary?
Is there an internet connection in the school? If yes, how will I access it?
Is there a password...?
Is there a computer room/center and am I able to use it?
Do I have access to a printer to print teaching materials?
Is there a copy machine?
Am I able to make copies or do I need permission from someone?
If a code/card is needed for the copy machine, can you please tell me the code?
If I need permission, who do ask for permission to photocopy?
If I'm not allowed to use the machine myself,  how early (and to whom) do I have to hand in pages for photocopying?
Is there a place for me to work if I need to cut papers, prepare materials for lessons…?
If so, where is it?
Who do I ask to receive a copy of the school calendar including holiday schedule?
Who do I ask to receive a copy of the bell schedule?
Approximately how many teachers work in your school?
How many are English teachers?
Approximately how many students are enrolled in the school?  
How many classes are there at each grade level?
What is the socio-demographic composition of the school population?  
What percentage (roughly) are new immigrants from the former Soviet Union?
What percentage (roughly) are new immigrants from Ethiopia?
Is there an English room in your school?
Is it possible for you to use this room regularly?
Who is responsible for the English room?
In what grade do students in your school begin to study English?
How many times per week do students have an English class?
What time do English classes start and end?
What is the name of your host teacher?
What is your host teacher’s phone number/WhatsApp?
What is your host teacher's schedule?
When is your host teacher's free day?
What is your host teacher’s email address?
Did you set up a regular meeting day and time with your host teacher?
I gave my host teacher my contact information.
I created a WhatsApp contact with my host teacher.
Where in the school will you be working?
We suggest you ask if it is possible for you to use the same space on a consistent basis.
Please make sure you get a key if you need one.
We suggest you ask about the expectations of the host teacher.
Please describe them here and/or see the questions below.
For example ask: What will I be expected to do with students?  reading / writing / speaking / listening / create and play games… / support the general curriculum?
What is the name of the book students are currently using to learn English?
What are the procedures in place in the school regarding COVID-19 accommodations? social distancing practices..., mask policy...
Please discuss with the teacher any concerns you have regarding COVID-19, the students, the policies...
Please list below (for yourself) any questions you have and/or general observations that you need to follow up on:  

We wish you a great year!
We are here for you.
The Oranim Pedagogical Team

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