Become a Founding Validator for Storecoin
Storecoin will use Proof of Stake consensus algorithm to validate its blockchain transactions.

As a Storecoin token owner, you'll have the opportunity to earn extra tokens by participating in Consensus as a Validator.

This would require you to:
a) Own at least $500 in storecoin tokens
b) Stake them as a validator for 3+ months
c) Run a full Storecoin node from your laptop or other machine

Fill out this form to become a founding Validator (miner) for Storecoin. After six months of actively validating, you'd have a vote in Governance, too.

You'll need to apply for an invite to buy Storecoin tokens to be accepted as a Founding Validator.

Once accepted, after six months of actively validating our public network (late 2019 or early 2020 launch), you'd have a vote in Governance, too.

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