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The Youth Leadership Team (YLT) is a team of Queer and Trans youth that create events for the community, in partnership with LGBTQ Connection. YLT is the force that drives LGBTQ Connection's meaningful work as a movement that is driven by youth leadership. YLT gives youth the opportunity to learn how to be a part of a team and be leaders in their communities. If there are youth you believe would benefit from being on this team, I invite you to nominate a youth or to apply yourself!

We meet once a week for 5-6 intensive months. That intensity is what we’ve found that it takes to come together as a team and organize impactful youth groups and events for our community. The youth’s events bring people together across generations and cultures to build a strong, vibrant, and inclusive LGBTQ community.

Program Commitment:
For Fall 2018, participants will need to commit to the dates outlined below in the form. If there is a schedule conflict, connect with the program coordinator to determine if YLT is right for you. Any changes made to the dates below will be notified to YLTers during meetings. There can only be 10 youth as part of YLT per site. Secure a spot on the team & RSVP here on this form. If more than 10 youth apply, there will be an additional application process. Applicants will be notified about this process.

We cannot wait for you to join us!

Program Coordinators
If you have questions, contact your the program coordinator according to the YLT county that you are applying to
-Napa County: Eduardo at or 707-251-9432.
-Sonoma County: Eliseo at or 707-583-9169.

Eduardo Rivera
Eliseo Rivas

Program Coordinators
& Youth Leadership Development Coaches

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