School Days According to Humphrey
Chapter 10
"The Very Worst Day"
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Several problems happened at the beginning of chapter 10... List the character's names next to each problem that happened to make this the worst day ever
Small Paul F.
Tall Paul G.
I exaggerated saying I had seen a "WOLF" on the way to school when it really was a dog.
I forgot my spelling homework and burst into tears.
I turned red and scowled at a classmate when I was not picked to do a math problem on the board.
I got a math problem wrong and turned deep red.
I skinned my knee at recess and had to go to the principal's office
I picked up the hamster ball so quickly that Humphrey did a few somersaults inside.
Mrs. Brisbane is doing several things to help her students work on some of their problems ... describe some of the things she working on with the students.
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