CPAC 2019: Third Wave Panels Application
Castle Point Anime Convention will be held from April 27th to 28th, 2019 at the Meadowlands Exposition Center and Holiday Inn, in Secaucus, NJ.

Please fill out this form and submit it once for every panel or workshop which you wish to run.
If you want to run an event multiple times, or on multiple days, or if you want to run multiple events, please submit the form multiple times, once per event per time slot.

The event moderator must be at least 18 by April 27th, 2019 to apply for a panel. The rest of the group may be under 18.

Some things that should be known before submitting your application:
Panels must be suitable for audiences under 18 years of age.
A MAXIMUM of four (4) panelists get free badges, so ANY ADDITIONAL BADGES MUST BE PURCHASED BY THE PANELISTS ON EVENTBRITE ( , if you have been approved for a panel.

Application Opens: February 2nd, 2018 12PM EST
Application Closes: February 23rd, 2018 11:59PM EST

If you are chosen, Badge-Pickup for all panelists/moderators will be located at the Holiday Inn Information Desk. There is no need to go to Pre-Registration/Registration.


*Decisions will be sent out a week after the application closes.

Event Moderator *
The legal name of the individual running the event.
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Moderator's Email *
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Moderator's Phone Number *
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Event Type *
Select whether this is a panel (discussion/general information presentation) or whether this is a workshop (demonstration/step-by-step tutorial).
Event Title *
This is the official name of the event, as it would appear in a convention program guide.
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Event Description *
Please provide a concise description of your event. Please don't write an essay :)
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Program Guide Event Description *
Please provide a concise description of your event. This will appear in the program guide, so make sure it is professional and descriptive. Max of 250 characters. If your panel gets chosen, we will cut your description if it's too long.
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Total Number of Moderators *
Please specify the number of panelist/moderators below so we can determine how many badges you will need. Remember you can get a MAX OF FOUR (4) FREE BADGES. ANY ADDITIONAL BADGES MUST BE PURCHASED BY THE PANELISTS.
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Scheduling Information
Even though most events will show up as 1 hour long on the convention program schedule, a typical "one hour" event should only actually run for about 50 minutes. This way, the room can be vacated by 55 minutes in. This will allow a minimum of 5 minutes between when 1 event vacates a room and the next event starts.
Event moderators will therefore receive a minimum of 5 minutes before the start of their events for setup, because the event before them should have vacated the room 5 minutes before their start time. Thus, a typical "one hour" event would have a full hour of room time (5 minutes of setup and 50 minutes run time and 5 minutes of room cleanup and clearing time), but it would only be actually running for 50 minutes. However, there are some events which may require longer setup periods, cleanup periods, and longer or shorter run times. If so, please specify below.
Setup Duration *
Laptop to projector hookup, demonstration setup, etc.
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Event Duration *
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Cleanup Duration *
If your cleanup time falls between 2 options, select the longer one
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Event Requirements
Required A/V Equipment
Special A/V Requests
If you selected other A/V Requirements, you may not leave this blank. NOTE: CPAC DOES NOT PROVIDE VIDEO ADAPTERS. All our projectors are set up for VGA input. If your device cannot output VGA, you need to bring your own adapter.
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Room Safety Requirements
Additional Information
Additional Requests
If there are other requirements for the event, such as an attendance limit, specific attendee seating arrangements, a cleanup that exceeds 30 minutes, etc, please specify them here.
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Accessibility Requirements
If you have any accessibility requirements for the room (mobility or otherwise), please list them here
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Days You Will Attend *
Other comments
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