Student Engagement Officer
Position Name: Student Engagement Officer

Expected Date of Join: Immediately

Qualification Required:
-Master’s Degree
-Preferable candidates with qualifications in Psychology, HR, Marketing

Software Requirements: Microsoft Office

Experience Required:
-Minimum 5 years of handling an administrative responsibility.
-5 years of engaging with students in a similar role at university level.

• Meet with students during orientation to assist with initial adjustment to university academic life.
• Meet at least once each semester with continuing students to take feedback on university services and address their grievances.
• Monitor progress toward educational/career goals and review the progress toward completing the proposed academic program and to discuss grades and other performance indicators.
• Discuss and reinforce linkages and relationships between instructional program and occupation/career.
• Interpret and provide rationale for institutional policies, procedures, and requirements.
• Follow-up with students / parents on any report of unsatisfactory work (notice of class probation for poor attendance, notice of FA and/or failing grades, incomplete grades from past semester(s), etc.). Special attention should be paid to students who are placed on academic probation.
• Inform and refer students to other institutional resources when academic, attitudinal, attendance, or other personal problems require intervention by other professionals.
• Proactively contact and be available for student advisees on a regular basis.
• Refer students to the Career Development Center when more information is needed.
• Conduct disciplinary meetings and ensure disciplinary actions are executed.
• Manage the Student Council and clubs.
• Conduct student cultural and Curricular events.

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