Southeast Community Organization Parks Survey 2020
The Southeast Community Organization would like to hear about how community members use our area parks and green spaces. Your participation will assist us in identifying what residents enjoy about our area, and can help inform future changes and improvements to our parks and green spaces.

Note that in this survey, we are looking specifically at parks and green spaces, and not recreation centers or their programs.

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Which parks or green spaces in the Southeast Community have you visited? *
How would you define a "High-Quality Park" in your area? Please choose up to SIX (6) options. *
How would you describe the overall quality of the parks and green spaces you visit most frequently in the SECO area? *
How many parks or green spaces if any, are in walking distance of your home? [Walking distance is generally considered anything 10 minutes or less from your home to the park or green space].   *
How important or unimportant is it for you and your family to live close to high-quality park and green space? *
Very important
Not important
Within the last year 6 months how often have you visited a SECO park or green space? *
Do you visit other City or Regional Parks? If so which ones and how often?
How safe or unsafe do you feel once you are at your local park and/or green space? *
Very Safe
Very Unsafe
If you feel or have felt unsafe, why is this?
How do you most frequently get to and from your local park or green space? *
What is your most frequent reason for visiting our area parks or green spaces? *
What might prevent you from using Southeast area parks and green spaces more frequently? *
Which of the following amenities would you like to see added to the park you use most frequently? Please check up to FIVE (5). *
To what extent do you agree with the following statement:  Parks and green spaces in the Southeast Community are clean, inviting, and safe spaces I enjoy visiting by myself and with my family. *
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
What are the THREE most important steps that could be taken to improve the Southeast parks and green spaces? *
Do you have children ages 1-18 who use park spaces *
How many children do you have?
Please indicate your age: *
How do you identify? *
What is your race? (Please check the most applicable boxes) *
What is the approximate income of your household? *
Is there anything else you would like to share regarding the Southeast parks and green spaces?
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