HubSpot Trademark Request- Google Adwords Authorization
Please review the process and guidelines under "PPC and Other Advertising Campaigns" on this page:

Once you submit this form, our team will review the copy, make any appropriate edits, and have you sign a release (that includes the approved copy) via DocuSign.

A few things to note to get your ads approved quickly:

*HubSpot is spelled with a capital “S”. (HubSpot, not Hubspot or hubspot.)
*Copy should be factual and should not include superlative language, such as #1 agency or top 10 agency.
*You should not disparage any competitors in your ads.
*The copy should not have a negative tone in regards to HubSpot (e.g., “HubSpot too hard for you?").

All sections must be filled out accurately for ad to be considered for the initial review process.

If you have questions, email
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