ISGH Guest Speaker Information and Agreement
AsSalaamu'alaykum wa Rahmatullah,

Prior to continuing with this form, please ensure that both the EB ( & ISGH Khutbah Committee Chairman ( have received a request for the speaker, with the date(s) you wish to have them at your center. This will avoid any conflict or double bookings with other programs or guest speakers. The earlier the request is sent the easier it is to schedule them, specially for a khutbah. If you have already received email confirmation from the ISGH Khutbah Chairman then you may proceed with the form.

The ISGH Guest Speaker form needs to be filled for anyone that will be speaking at any ISGH Facility.

This is in order to have better understanding of our guest speaker(s)' backgrounds and contact informtion for swift communication.

The following needs to be filled by the speaker(s) themselves. Only person, other than the speaker themselves, that can fill this out is their official representative, Masjid AD or Imam if they are requesting the speaker themselves but the last two agreements and consents must be acknowledged by the speaker themselves even if done indirectly with a liason. The speaker will bear full responsibility of what is submitted through this form if he authorizes the 

A confirmation to give khutbah or program at the masjid is only given via email in writing after it is confirmed the date is available and this form is filled .

Jazaakumullahu khayran
ISGH Khutba Committee

Form Instituted: 10/21/2018
Revision 1.4: Approved 01/11/2020
Revision 1.7: Approved 11/02/21
Revision 1.14: Approved 03/03/23
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Email *
Requestor's Information *
If the speaker is not filling out the following information, themselves then we need the requestor's Full Name, Role in community, Masjid/organizational affiliation, contact info (email & phone number) provided in this field.
Speaker's name on all official public announcements, flyers and Khutbah Schedule *
Please write your (speaker/khateeb) name exactly as you would like it to appear on the ISGH communication and khutbah schedule along with your title (Eg Shaykh, Moulana, Imam, Ustadh etc.)
Legal Full Name *
Your (speaker/khateeb's) full name used on official government documents - First, Middle, Last
Reason or ocassion for requesting Khutbah/program? *
Speaker's Cell Phone Number *
In the event of an emergency or last minute circumstance, we would like to be able to contact the speaker directly. We will not contat the speaker for any other reason nor share this information with outside parties if we can resolve it with their respresentative or liason.
Speaker's Email *
Current Profession *
Job title, Job Description, if Retired Previous Profession Ex: Imam, ISGH Masjid atTaqwa,  1980-present
Speaker Biography *
Please copy paste any official biography that you would like us to use. Ensure the title to address you by is present - Shaykh, Ustadh, Imam, Dr. etc
Islamic Education *
Please mention as much detail as possible.

If studied or graduated from an Islamic Institute, College, University or Madrassah, Hafiz Quran, Dars Nizami, Certificate in Arabic/Islamic Studies, or Islamic Finance, then list the institution, location, & date of graduation or years studied.

Ex: BA in Shariah, AlAzhar Univerty, Cairo, Egypt, 1995

If your Islamic education was only in an informal sturucture, which would be anything outside of a madrasah, university/college, institute, or structured course setting, then mention the Name of your teacher, location, subjects and duration. 

Ex: Sh Waleed Basyouni, Houston, TX, Aqeedah & Fiqh, 1997-2000
Experience and Education/Training in delivering Khutbahs
Only fill this out if you don't have a degree from a formal Islamic institution of higher learning

If you don't have any formal Islamic studies from an institution known to educate and train students towards the role of an Imam, teacher, or as a khateeb. Please describe where, from who, and how you learned to deliver khutbahs and experience. This should also include your proficiency in Quranic recitation if it is not evident in the previous question (ijaaza in recitation, hifz, or graduate from a Quran program, etc).
Experience in Delivery of Sermons or Islamic Talks? *
How many years have you been delivering sermons or talks and where. Please describe or link to already available khutbahs online.
Masjid Requested *
Choose the Masajid you are requesting, if this is for ongoing khutbahs at various masjids then pick "Any masjid"
References *
Please provide contact (phone number preferred) of at least 1 community leader from the khateeb's masjid, community, locality that can vouch for the khateeb's moral uprightness & ethical conduct, along with their ability and knowledge pre-requisites to deliver the khutbah. (Should be someone outside the khateeb's organization and not have a conflict of interest)
Additional Info
Please share any questions, comments or concerns.
The following needs to be attested to by the khateeb themselves.
We cannot accept the following from an individual other than the khateeb themselves. We reserve the right to disallow any guest khateeb that fails to uphold the following agreements. If we were to find out that the speaker/khateeb was unaware of the following disclaimers or agreements and/or any information is discovered that seems to have been hidden intentionally or unintentionally, we reserve the right to further investigate the matter before approving your request which can lead to declining the request to give khutbah or hold programs at ISGH Centers.
Please declare any and all immoral/unethical  misconduct in any community you served in or previous history of criminal misconduct such as criminal court cases or police reports that we need to know about about. Please provide dates of these incidents and how they were resolved. If none write (N/A). *
I allow ISGH's Khutbah Committee Chairman or those authorized by ISGH to speak to any of my prior colleagues, co-workers, employers, or organizations that I have worked with to asses my moral conduct and upstanding. *
I agree to abide by all the Khutbah Standards and Policies published on: . Any violation of these standards can be reason for not allowing future khutbahs at ISGH. *
I will not fundraise for any cause during or after the khutbah without explicit permission from the ISGH Treasurer or Exec Board. I will not promote any commercial service, product, business, or organization. Any violation of these standards will result in removal from any currently schedule or future khutbahs. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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