2018 Mr. Hoffmann's Toy Box Business Vendor Application
*Please carefully read all terms and conditions before start the application process.
*Please note the application will not be accepted, if the vendor has failed to comply with the requirements and directions of Mr. Hoffmann's Toy Box.
Thank you for cooperation.
【Business Vendor Application】
◆Event Name: Mr. Hoffmann's Toy Box 2018 Winter Doll Convention
◆Event Date: 2018. 10. 21 Sunday 10:30 - 16:30
◆International and local doll brands, studios, companies, groups, etc.
◆Application Date: Taiwan time 2018. 3. 14, 8 p.m. - 2018. 5. 6, 11 p.m.
【Business Vendor Terms and Conditions】
There are 5 types of business booths can be chosen, and there is a 10% booth fee discount if the application sponsor a gift to the event:

★Booth A (TWD 3000, After Sponsor Discount: TWD 2700)
Include: 1 table, 2 chairs, 2 free entries, 2 bottles of water, 1 garbage bag.

★Booth B (TWD 6000, After Sponsor Discount: TWD 5400)
Include: 2 tables, 2 chairs, 2 free entries, 2 bottles of water, 1 garbage bag.

★Booth C (TWD 9000, After Sponsor Discount: TWD 8100)
Include: 3 tables, 2 chairs, 2 free entries, 2 bottles of water, 1 garbage bag.

★Booth D (TWD 12000, After Sponsor Discount: TWD 10800)
Include: 4 tables, 2 chairs, 2 free entries, 2 bottles of water, 1 garbage bag.

★Booth E (TWD 15000, After Sponsor Discount: TWD 13500)
Include: 5 tables, 2 chairs, 2 free entries, 2 bottles of water, 1 garbage bags.

◆Table Size: Length 180 cm × Width 90 cm × High75 cm。
◆Booth Size: 40 cm on both sides of the table (not include the aisle) 140cm behind the table, 200cm from the ground.
◆Paid entry: TWD 200 / person, include 1 bottle of water, 1 chair.
◆Chair Rental Service: TWD 20 / chair.


▲ For maintain the event order, there will not provide ticket purchasing and chair rental services for all vendors during the
▲ Please carefully confirm the staff and chair numbers before send out the application.
▲ The latest date of changing staff and chair numbers will be 2018. 9. 20. Please contact hoffmanntoybox@gmail.com for the payment.
▲ Please note the reduce staff and chair numbers and refund requirements will not be accepted.
▲ Vendor free and paid entries are different with earl-bird ticket. Please note the early-bird ticket will not be accepted at the vendor registration desk on the event day.
▲ Vendors are free to set up display equipments inside the booth. However, all equipments have to be safely fixed with the booth size. Please note that set up tables, chairs, or any large furnitures and destructive decorations are not allow. Vendors who breach the rules, will have to pay according to the venue terms and conditions.
▲Children over 3 and under 12 years old are not allow to participate the event.
▲Living animals are not allow to enter the venue.

【Business Vendor Sponsor Discount】
◆For the vendor selling whole doll: please at least provide 1 doll (include head and body)
◆For the vendor selling doll head: please at least provide 1 faced-up doll head.
◆For the vendor selling doll cloth and accessories: Please at least provide 3 products.

▲ The sponsor discount is optional.
▲ All gifts will be shown and given away on 2018. 10. 21.
▲ If there are no lucky winners o n the event day, the gifts will be returned to the sponsors in the same day.

【Translator, Electricity Rental, Magazine Promotion, Lunch Voucher】
Business vendor can choose if there are requirements for hiring translators, apply electricity, purchasing magazine promotions, and lunch voucher:

◆Translator: TWD 3500 / person.
◆ Working Hours: 2018. 10. 21, 8:40 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., include 1 hour lunch break.
◆ Duties: Assist the vendor to communicate with customers and Mr. Hoffmann team (not include sells)
*Fee include salary TWD 3000, tax and insurance TWD 500 (which according to Taiwan laws.)
*Salary will be paid to the translator on the event day, the tax and insurance will be paid to the government all by Mr. Hoffmann team.

◆Electricity Rental Service: TWD 500 / day.

◆Magazine Promotion: The first issue discount! TWD 500 / page, only 10 available!
◆Mr. Hoffmann team will launch our first doll magazine at this event!
◆Magazine will be only 1000 copies. Pre-order starts from 2018. 7. 9 together with early-bird ticket, and official launch on 10. 21!

◆Lunch Voucher: TWD 150 / voucher.
◆There will be 1 - 5 food vendors inside the venue. Business vendors can use the vouchers to exchange TWD 150 lunch boxes or drinks
◆Voucher Used Date: 2018. 10. 21, 10:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
◆The voucher can not be exchanged into cash or refund, also no changes.


▲All requirements above have to be confirmed when the application is sent, and paid together with the booth fee.
▲If choose a self-hired translator, will be counted as 1 staff and might have to pay for entry.
▲Please note there will be no above services on the event day. Please confirm all information when send out the application.
▲Please note the free and paid entries of business vendor are different with early-bird ticket. Early-bird ticket will not be proven at the registration desk on the event day.

【Application Progress】
◆Please carefully full fill the Business Vendor Application Forms before the application window closes.
◆Mr. Hoffmann Team will release the selected vendor list on the event website, facebook, and other social medias, also with an email notification, according to the schedule below:

2018. 3. 14, 8 p.m. (Taiwan Time) Vendor Application Starts.
2018. 5. 7 Application Window Closes.
2018. 5. 11 Payment Window Closes.
2018. 9. 20 Paid Entry, Chair Rental, Transferring Booth Requirements Close.
2018. 10. 21 Mr. Hoffmann's Toy Box 2018 Winter Doll Convention!

◆Once receive the admit notification, please send the payment within 7 days. Then, back to this form to fill the payment reply.
◆ Mr. Hoffmann team will confirm the payment within 7 days, and send out an Confirmation email to complete the application.
◆ 14 days before the event, Mr. Hoffmann team will send out a digital pass for vendor registration on 2018. 10. 21.
◆ Mr. Hoffmann team reserved the rights to modify, to insert, and/or to withdraw any part of the rules specified herein.

【Admission Basis】
◆The time of application is sent.
◆ The past records of the vendors.
◆ The products which sell on the event day must related to doll.
◆ Vendor application must attach a valid web address which include clear pictures of the products that will be sold on the
event day. (the web address include but not limited to: personal or brand website, facebook fanpage, weibo, instagram, flickr...etc.)
◆Products not related to dolls, violating intellectual property rights, living animals, fresh food, weapons, and any dangerous or forbidden, which against Taiwan Laws are not allow to sell during the event.
【Payment Methods】
Once receive the admit notification, please process the payment by one of below methods within 7 days.

1.ATM / Bank Transfer (Only Accept TWD)
2.Online Credit Card (via ECPay)
3.PayPal (Only Accept TWD)
4.AliPay (Only Accept RMB, prices will be confirmed in the admit notification)

Once finish the payment, please come back to application form, and full fill the reply section.

▲If unfill the reply section will be seen as giving up the application. Mr. Hoffmann team will not inform or notify again via
▲Due to fraud crimes are rampant, please note that Mr. Hoffmann team will only contact by hoffmanntoybox@gmail.com and release information at the official website, facebook fanpage, plurk, instagram, twitter, and weibo.

【Other Terms and Conditions】
▲Mr. Hoffmann's Toy Box Website: http://www.hoffmanntb.com
▲Vendor Terms and Conditions: http://goo.gl/KHYKb5
▲Visitor Terms and Conditions: http://goo.gl/eX2Mz3
▲If the event is cancelled due to natural disasters or any other force majeures, Mr. Hoffmann team will announce and explain the reschedule or refund methods via event website, and the social medias.
▲Mr. Hoffmann team reserved the rights to modify, to insert, and/or to withdraw any part of the rules specified herein.
2018 Business Vendor Application Agreement *
The event will seen as agree all terms and conditions once the application is sent. Mr. Hoffmann team will not take the responsibilities if there are any violating situations. Please carefully read all information.
I Agreed.
I am over 20 years old and plan to apply as a business vendor of Mr. Hoffmann's Toy Box 2018 Winter Convention, which will be hold on 2018. 10. 21. I had carefully read and agreed all terms and conditions of the event. (For vendor under 20 years old, must guide under parents or legal guardian.
For safety, children over 3 and under 12 years old are not allow to participate the event. Babies under 3 years must be carry with carriers or cars by adults.
For safety, living animals are not allow in the event venue.
No buying and selling behaviors before the event officially starts (10:30 a.m.)
To maintain the event order, if there were customer queuing records in the past event. Mr. Hoffmann team has the right to maintain the purchasing queue for the vendor.
To Fill Business Vendor Application Form *
If you had received the admit notification and finish the payment, please select "Admitted, to fill payment reply." to complete the application.
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