MALS Student Questionnaire
We are asking all MALS students about their motivations for coming to the MALS program and their goals in the program so that we can better understand how to support our student body moving forward.

We have put an advisement hold on all students' accounts for Fall, 2020 registration. That hold will be lifted after you submit this questionnaire. We ask for your name and EMPLID below so that we can lift the hold. We will remove your name/ID from the answers you submit.

Please submit this form before noon on August 13th, 2020 in order to have your hold removed before Fall Registration.
1. How did you first hear about the MA in Liberal Studies (MALS) program? *
1b. For those who did an online search: Do you recall what key words you entered in the search engine to find more information about the program or a particular concentration? If so, please enter any you recall here. (They will help us more effectively reach future prospective students.) *
2. When you entered the program, how long was it since you completed your most recent degree?
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3. Did you have experience with graduate education prior to applying to MALS?
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4a. Did you attend a CUNY college for any of your previous degrees?
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4b. If you answered yes to 4a, please identify the CUNY college or colleges from which you earned a previous degree as well as the degree earned.
5. Are you currently employed?
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6a. Which factors led you to apply to the MALS program? (Check as many as apply). *
6b. Identify the single most most important factors that led you to apply to the MALS program? (Choose only one). *
7a. Did you apply to other MA programs? *
7b. If yes, what other programs were they?
7c. If yes, was MALS your first choice?
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8. What led you to choose the MALS program after you were admitted? *
9. Students generally enroll in a MALS program for one of several main reasons. Which best describes your motivation for pursuing this degree? *
10. How will you know if you are successful in achieving your personal goals for the program?
11. What is your planned concentration? *
12. What is your name? (This will be removed from the survey). *
13. What is your CUNYFirst EMPL#? (It's needed to remove the registration hold). *
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