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In accordance with federal, state and local regulations governing our work with children, all applicants must consent to a criminal history check, and selection into the program is contingent upon I Can Math's review of the applicant's criminal history, if any. Criminal history checks may be conducted through federal, state and/or third-party consumer reporting agencies, and may include a fingerprint check or other screening service as mandated by federal, state and local regulations. Please note that anyone who is required to register on a state sex offender registry or who is convicted of murder is automatically ineligible to serve.Would you be willing to complete I Can Math's criminal history check as described above? *
Applicants may need to provide health documentation (such as TB tests, vaccinations, and other results) as required by state or local regulation in order to serve in preschool settings. Would you be willing to provide health documentation if required? *
Please list any languages you speak other than English, and for each, indicate level of proficiency:
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I Can Math serves to work with early childhood classrooms to provide math education to communities, children, and future teachers. Our goal is to create a community of learners who value math education. What aspects of I Can Math's vision and mission as described above inspires you the most and why? *
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I Can Math mentors typically serve 5-10 hours per week in activities such as classroom sessions with children, meetings, materials preparation, and trainings. How will you prioritize your commitment throughout the year and manage your time effectively? *
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Please list the days and times that you are available to work with I Can Math. Only list your availability between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.
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By dating below, I attest that all statements made in this application are accurate and truthful and understand that any misrepresentations or false statements made in this application may result in not being considered for service, and that if not discovered by I Can Math until after acceptance, such misrepresentations could be grounds for immediate termination. *
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