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KS2 Virtual Cricket
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What is the School Games?
The School Games is run by School Games Organisers who work with a cluster of schools to increase activity and opportunities for pupils in PE and sport. As we are unable to organise our normal events we are running virtual competitions instead where by pupils can take part from home.
Pupils will be competing against others from their same area first and then the winning schools will go against schools from each of the 10 Staffordshire areas.
Everyone will be awarded a certificate and the County winners will get a Trophy for their school and medals for the top scorers.
You can download your certificate for taking part at
Winners will be notified by e-mail.
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What to do?
Read the instructions carefully and watch the videos for each challenge. Complete the 3 challenges set and record your total score below and send it back to us.
Once you have completed all of that you can download your certificate at
Challenge 1 - Catching
Children throw the ball against a wall and catch it to score.
Each catch = 1 point. Children have 30 sec to make as many catches as they can.
Year 3/4 you need to be 2 meters away from the wall.
Year 5/6 you need to be 3 meters away from the wall.
Watch the video to see how its done.
Challenge 1 - Catching
Challenge 2 - Bowling
Put down a marker and set up a target between 8-10 metres away. The target can be a wheelie bin. Children have 12 underarm or overarm bowls at the target. Each time they hit the target they score 3 points.
Watch the video to see how its done.
Challenge 2 - Bowling
Challenge 3 - Batting
The batter tries to hit the ball through any of 3 gates.
The ball can be hit off a tee (toilet roll tube). Batter scores 3 points if they hit the ball through any of the gates. The batter has 5 attempts so top score would be 15. Batter should use a cricket bat but if not can use a tennis racket or any bat will do.
To see how to set it up watch the link
Challenge 3 - Batting
What was you total combined score from the 3 challenges? Challenge 1 - How many catches in 30 seconds = Challenge 2 - How many points from 12 bowls (max 36 points) = Challenge 3 - How many points from 5 bats (max 15 points) = = Enter your total score below *
Scores will be collected from all the schools entered and results will be sent to your school who will let you know how you well you did. You can follow all the challenges on our Facebook and Twitter pages @sspmoorlands, we would love to see your attempts so please post us your videos!
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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