GWMS PTA Teacher Mini-grant application 2020-21
If you are interested in funding from the PTA, please complete all sections below. Grants are typically $500 or less, and all applications will be reviewed and responded to within 1-2 weeks. Thank you!
Email address
If known, how does payment need to be administered for this activity? (i.e., check, credit card, purchase order, etc.)
Please describe your proposal in 1-2 paragraphs. Please note if your proposal involves other GWMS teachers or staff.
Which students will this grant impact and what is the anticipated benefit to these students?
What is the dollar amount of your request? Please itemize. (Please note: Grants awarded are typically $500 or less)
Have you received funding from the PTA in previous years for this project/activity?
Clear selection
Please include additional comments or information you feel would be helpful to the committee in making our decision. Feel free to attach any information that will clarify your request, such as a catalog entry, description of books, websites, etc.
Date of application
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