Welcome to the 2017 season!

What to expect:

1. The coaching team at this point:
Vortex Men: Brandon Grant, Gagan Chatha, Jonathan He
Vortex Women: Danie Proby, Chris Wakelin
Vertigo Men: Supreet Malhi, Chirag Patel
Vertigo Women: Sartaj Birring, Katrina Hortelano, Chantal Costa

2. Tryout Dates

Monday May 15 at Fraser Heights Secondary 6pm-9pm
Monday May 22 at Fraser Heights Secondary 4pm-7pm
May 30 at Sapperton Park (New West) 6pm-9pm

The first tryout date is geared towards the Vortex touring team crowd specifically, with a follow-up tryout for everyone on day two. At this point Vortex will be picked and the third tryout will give coaches the chance to fill out the rosters of the other teams. Registration will begin one hour before the tryout begins. ARRIVE EARLY FOR REGISTRATION - TRYOUTS BEGIN AT THE PRE-DETERMINED TIMES LISTED ABOVE.

ALL players must attend at least one tryout. Attending both will really give the coaches a chance to see what you can do, but make sure to get to at least one! Should this be impossible, email wakelin3395@gmail.com to explain your situation and exceptions may be made.

PLEASE BRING $5 (one-time cost), A LIGHT AND DARK JERSEY, WATER, CLEATS and YOUR OWN DISC (if you have one). You will also receive an email before the tryouts with links to forms that must also be filled out (Waivers/Ultimate Canada etc). YOU MUST BRING THESE COMPLETED DOCUMENTS WITH YOU AS WELL.

3. Practices

Vortex: 2-3 practices/week. Monday/Wednesday/Saturday.
Vertigo/Velocity/???: 2-3 practices/week. Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday.

We will be alternating sides of Fraser River. Practices will happen in both Surrey and New Westminster, so as to make it fair for everyone on either side of the water.

Practices will begin in earnest after BCJUC in June - until then, you're still playing and practicing with your high school teams, so make sure you enjoy that part of your season too!!

4. Tournaments:
June 5-6 - Flowerbowl at South Surrey Athletic Park (Vortex only - hopefully!)
June 25-26 - Misfit Cup at Burnaby Lake
July 16-17 - BCUC at Newton Athletic Park
August 14-16 - CUC in Ottawa, ON
August 14 - Vortex Regional Invitational
August 20-21 - "Mini-Nats" in Vancouver

5. Costs:

Vortex has a long and entertaining history of competing at the Canadian Ultimate Championships. Obviously, there is a cost in travelling across the country. Approximate costs are listed below.

Touring Teams: Vortex - $700
Regional Teams: Vertigo, Velocity, ??? - $325

Fees cover fields, tournaments, jerseys, equipment, coaches, administration, ground transportation, and membership (plus hotel and transfers at CUC for Touring teams). They do not cover airfare costs.

This year fees also cover the cost of extra gear (handled separately last year), Ultimate Canada registration and fees, and transportation to CUC for Touring teams (handled separately last year).

Fees will be reduced with fundraising efforts - the more we fundraise, the better it is for EVERYONE!!

Further information will be posted through the Vortex/FVJUL Facebook pages and on Twitter @VortexUlti.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Email wakelin3395@gmail.com

See you on the field!!

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