Foster Contract
This Foster Agreement (hereinafter “The Contract”) is made on the date listed below by and between Belle’s Buds Rescue (hereinafter “BBR”) and Foster residing at the address listed below.

This agreement is valid for any current or future animals (hereinafter “Pet”) in Foster’s care on behalf of BBR.
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The parties hereby agree to the following:
a. Foster shall accept and consider the Pet as a household companion, not as an
outside pet, and will provide the Pet with a safe environment, humane treatment,
and provide proper food, fresh water, shelter, and exercise. Foster agrees this Pet
will not be abused in any manner. The Pet will not be chained at any time, nor will
it be permitted off the property of the Foster unless accompanied by a mature
individual. Pet shall not be used in any aspect of animal fighting nor be the subject
of or subjected to any biological, chemical, psychological, or other experiment.
b. Pet shall be allowed to sleep indoors and protected from the elements or adverse
conditions. Pet shall not be housed or kept outside or in a yard. The Pet shall not
be allowed to roam free or unsupervised outside.
c. Foster shall immediately notify BBR if Pet is lost or stolen, and shall make every
reasonable effort to recover the Pet.
d. Foster shall not give up or sell the Pet to another person, relative, friend, or any
other individual, or any rescue group, humane association, shelter, or adoption
center unless preapproved by BBR.
e. Foster shall not under any circumstance give up or sell the Pet for any medical or
experimental laboratory or any organization.
f. Foster shall not alter the appearance in any way (ex: cropping, docking.
g. Foster permits BBR to visit to check on the wellbeing of the Pet.
h. Foster shall allow a reasonable amount of time for the Pet to adjust to new
surroundings. Please refer to the 3-3-3 Decompression rules.
i. Foster understands the animal has a current name given by the Rescue, and it is
necessary for record keeping, appointments, public information, etc. to refer to the
animal by that name.
j. Foster understands that there is always a health risk to expose your animal to
other animals whether it is walking at parks, vet waiting rooms or other common
animal areas. Fostering means you are accepting a dog who may have come from
the streets or a shelter with unknown exposure. The health risk is minimal if your
animals are current on their vaccinations, heartworm preventatives, etc and
maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

a. Foster should notify their foster coordinator about supplies or food needed.
b. If foster voluntarily chooses to purchase something with his or her own money,
please note that these are not reimbursed by BBR, unless agreed upon prior to

a. Foster is assigned a BBR Coordinator and must schedule vet appointments
through him or her. Foster is responsible for transporting animal to and from
appointments. If you take our Foster to your vet, without prior agreement with BBR,
it will not be covered/reimbursed.
b. If Pet is not spayed/ neutered at the time this Contract is signed, Foster must
arrange, through the BBR Coordinator to have the Pet spayed or neutered at one
of BBR’s approved veterinary partners. Foster shall not breed Pet.
c. Foster shall immediately notify Foster Coordinator the event of the Pet’s injury,
illness, or death during the foster care period.

a. Foster understands the commitment he or she is making by agreeing to foster Pet
and that there is no definitive time period. Foster understands it may take weeks or
possibly longer for Pet to be adopted.
b. Foster is responsible for assisting in marketing his or her foster dog through word
of mouth, by bringing him or her to events, by posting Pet online, and by providing
photos and a good description of Pet to BBR for marketing.
c. If Foster can no longer care for Pet, Foster shall notify BBR and make every effort
to find a suitable foster or adoptive home for the pet. BBR will do everything
possible to place the Pet accordingly. However, the Foster understands that it may
take time to find the Pet a sufficient home for its needs.
d. Foster understands that during the foster period, BBR has ownership of Pet. BBR
may recover Pet from Foster at any time during the foster period.
e. Foster has read “Guide to Fostering” and recognises risks associated to fostering.
a. If Foster decides to permanently adopt the Pet, Foster shall notify Foster
Coordinator and upon approval, shall follow established adoption procedures
including signing an Adoption Contract and necessary fees associated.
b. If Foster finds a permanent/adoptive home for the Pet, Foster shall notify BBR and
upon approval, shall follow established adoption procedures.

a. BBR makes no guarantees and/or promises regarding the Pet’s disposition,
temperament, and/or future health and personality.
b. Foster agrees to foster Pet at Foster’s own risk, and indemnify and release BBR,
its founders and volunteers of any and all liability arising from damages to
person(s) or property caused by the Pet.
c. In the event the Foster does not comply with the terms of this Contract, at the
reasonable discretion of BBR, BBR may recover the pet. Promptly upon demand
by BBR, the Foster shall relinquish BBR.
The Foster hereby acknowledges that they have read this entire Contract supplied by BBR. *
First and last name below represents signature in agreement with above.
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