Wardroom & CPO Position Application, Tall Ship St. Lawrence II
It is the expectation of the Captain of the S.T.V. St. Lawrence II and the Board of Directors of Brigantine Inc. that the following requirements will be met to the best of the applicant’s ability:

Wardroom members are expected to attend the Winter Program for a minimum of 210 hours during the winter season from Nov. 11th 2017 until June 1 2018, Special exceptions will be considered. Wardroom members are to conduct themselves in a manner befitting a ship’s officer and are not to engage in lewd or unseemly behavior, nor are they to partake in any variety of alcohol or illicit or mind-altering substances during work parties or when engaged in any capacity in a program related event.

It is the expectation of Brigantine Inc. that officers will be actively engaged in an educational pursuit. Brigantine Inc. fully supports the crew member’s educational needs so far as can be reasonably tolerated within the scope of their commitment to the ship and the program.

It is expected that officers will be committed to a minimum of 6 weeks of sailing time between July 1 and August 31 2013. Any crew member not meeting this requirement will forfeit the entirety of any honorarium or otherwise to which they may have been entitled.

Wardroom members are to provide guidance and assistance to their subordinates. They are also responsible for the maintenance, appearance and safe operation of the S.T.V. St. Lawrence II.

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