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IOSG Ventures is a venture capital firm of researchers and experienced investors focusing on Open Finance, Web 3.0, and cross-chain industry founded in 2017. Our portfolio covers more than 100 projects, including Layer 1 (NEAR Polkadot, Avalanche, Conflux), DeFi (1inch, Synthetix, UMA), and middleware protocol (Celer, Raiden, Reach), etc.

Our goal to launch this program is to work with teams and take their project to the next mile together, from improving the economic model to preparing the launch, to community government and fundraising process. A $10k - $100k amount will be provided to support the shortlist projects. Any early-stage individual developer and the team are welcome to apply for the grant.

Projects funded through our program are broad in scope as long as it aims at adding value to Blockchain ecosystem. We are interested in the following directions, but not limited to:  DeFi, ETH2.0, Layer2, Open Web, DAO, NFT, Web3.0, Social Token, Insurance, DEX & AMM, Synthetic Assets, Infrastructure, Middleware protocol, Cross-chain, SaaS data service, etc.
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Please keep in mind that the Kickstarter program is only available for early-stage projects with no ongoing fundraising plans. If your project has an open fundraising round or has raised money previously, it will not be considered for the Kickstarter program. Please contact for more information.
How did you first hear about us and the kickstarter program? *
What’s your project name? *
(Please attach its GitHub link)
Describe your project? *
(What is it about, what problem it will solve, what technology it mainly uses, etc. The more info you provide the better)
What stage is your project at currently? *
Does your project really require the blockchain to succeed? *
(If so, to what degree?)
What is the project’s business model ? *
(Please describe in detail)
Who could be your main competitors in the blockchain space? *
How your project stands out among competitors or implements technology that doesn’t exist in the ecosystem yet? (Main advantages) *
(If you’ve collected some data on the specific market and vertical, please feel free to share)
What do you want to achieve in the next 3 months and what is the general vision for the project? *
(If there are clear roadmap and milestone you plan to achieve, please state)
Do you have a written plan for GTM (go to market)? How will you do the user growth? *
(You can also direct the answer to a google doc and share the link)
Please tell us about your team, any relevant experience do they have? *
 (Please list their name, role, base, excellence, full/part-time on this project, LinkedIn profiles, Github, etc, the more information you provide, the better.)
How much grant you are applying for and what’s the plan to spend the grant? *
(Please also illustrate how much will be spent roughly for each milestone)
Is there an ongoing fundraising round for the project? Or have it raised fund previously? *
Have you applied or are you planning to apply for other grants? *
(If you also applied for other grants, please share who they are in Question 12)
Has the project already got valuation? (Project that already has valuation is usually not accepted as Kickstarter Program) *
What's the best way to contact you? (Email/Telegram/Discord/Wechat, etc.) *
Any additional information that you think is relevant to this application?
(Apart fromTelegram/WeChat ID, if you think it will help us understand more about the context, please feel free to share anything about your project if you want)
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