ALD UMD Honor Society Executive Board Applications for 2020-2021
Please fill out the form below to run for an executive board position (VP or Co-President) for the Fall 2020 - Spring 2021 school year.

Due April 3rd, 2020
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Position Descriptions
Below you will find a description of each position. Please note that each position requires mandatory weekly attendance at executive board meetings and also running mandatory weekly committee meetings. Please note that these meetings are an essential part of being on the executive board. The responsibilities listed include both personal vice presidential duties and duties to be completed by the vice president and his or her committee. Each vice president is responsible for managing his or her own committee of approximately 5-10 members. Applications for committee members will be sent out in late April.

This position is responsible for updating and maintaining the website and ELMS page, responding promptly to emails sent to the ALD student email account and other duties that may arise. Maintaining the website will include adding “blog posts” for our events, uploading the monthly newsletter, updating site pages as needed, adding pictures, updating the Google calendar, and more.

VP of Academic Affairs
This position is responsible for handling all the ALD scholarship awards. Primary duties include: holding scholarship information sessions, collecting applications, holding application review sessions with committee, choosing and notifying scholarship winners, and writing and compiling local applications continuing onto a national level.

VP of Academic Enrichment
The VP of Academic Enrichment is responsible for handling events that promote academic excellence. Primary academic event duties include: hosting events such as resume workshops, personal statement workshops, academic panels, etiquette dinners, study nights, and de-stress events. The Academic Enrichment committee will hold at least two events per month of school.

VP of Communications
This position is primarily responsible for communication with all current members. Primary duties include: monitoring the ALD e-mail account and social media accounts, sending listserv messages, preparing monthly newsletters, and compiling a yearly scrapbook to compete for a national ALD award.

VP of Event Planning
The VP of Event Planning is responsible for planning ALD social events to foster a community among ALD members. The Event Planning Committee will host one general body meeting per month to promote upcoming ALD events, volunteer opportunities, and fundraisers; and they will host one other social event per month. Primary Event Planning duties include: planning and running general body meetings and planning and running other social events such as D.C. trips, fitness classes, ice cream socials, s’mores events, movie nights, etc.

VP of Finance
This position is responsible for ALD fundraising and budgeting. Primary duties include: setting up fundraising events, collecting receipts and withdrawal forms from the E-board members and delivering them to Tydings, and balancing our chapter’s budget with the Co-Presidents. The Finance committee will host at least two fundraisers, such as restaurant fundraisers and Krispy Kreme sales, per month of school.

VP of Membership
This position is responsible for coordinating two induction ceremonies per year, as well as handling recruitment and communication with prospective/invited members. Primary duties include: hosting invited member information night, planning and running two inductions per academic year, and hosting new member socials.

VP of Volunteerism
This position is responsible for handling ALD community service events. Primary duties include: contacting partner organizations, delivering donating goods, and running events such as Martha’s Table donation drives and sandwich making, volunteering at animal shelters, volunteering at the arboretum, and off-campus partner volunteering events. The Volunteerism committee will host at least two service events per month of school.

Co-Presidents (2)
This position is primarily responsible for managing and supporting the vice presidents. Primary duties include: biweekly meetings with advisors, weekly meetings with VPs, scheduling rooms and events, balancing our chapter’s budget, and supporting the vice presidents with any and all issues. The Co-Presidents are also responsible for running a leadership social and large-scale ALD events and collaborations with other campus organizations. Co-Presidents have the opportunity to attend a national convention for Alpha Lambda Delta.

*NOTE: Preference for Co-Presidents will be given to applicants who have previously served on the executive board.
What position(s) would you like to run for? You must pick at least one VP position (or Webmaster). You may pick more than one. However, you will choose only one position to run for after candidate interviews. Refer to the position descriptions above. *
What are your plans for ALD as a whole organization and, more specifically, your committee(s) next year? If interested in more than one committee, you must address each committee. *
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What experience do you have related to leadership and the focus of the position you are applying to? If interested in more than one position, you must address each position. *
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