The CCB Cage Match team application
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Please enter your team members and team name. You may have up to 8 team members though a team that big probably won't fit on stage. :-)

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T & Cs
- You can only have MAX 8 players on a team (again, a team this big might not even fit on stage).
- Each team will have 5 minutes for the Group Stage, 10 for the Semi Finals and 25 for the Finals to perform LONG FORM IMPROV. A timer will be projected on the wall behind you. A buzzer sounds when time is up.
- Each audience member has ONE vote. They will be recorded on paper ballots, counted and collected by a neutral party (Probably the Hosts). The team with the most number of audience votes wins.
- Registered team members MAY NOT vote if their team is performing.
- The decision of the host is final. No whining. No recounts. In the event of a tie the teams in question will elect ONE player to participate in a 'shootout' (a short form 'step out' game).
- All proceeds of the competition go to Comedy Café Berlin.
- This is meant to be a fun, friendly competition and you should take this seriously :-).
- The hosts can assess penalties and make up rules at their discretion.
Please indicate whether you are available for the tournament dates: *
Saturdays, January 4th, 11th & 18th 8:00pm - 9:30pm.
Can anyone perform?
Yes. ANYONE. Especially intro students. Follow the fear!

Do all registered team members have to be available for all tournament dates?
No. But only registered team members can perform on their team and at least one person must be available for each tournament date. Please only apply if you can commit to the tournament dates.

Can I do solo improv?

Who gets chosen to perform?
The first 8 teams to apply will perform. Though some editorial decisions will be made in accordance with our community standards (i.e. if the first 8 teams are all male dominated, we will take steps to change this).

Can I do short form improv?
Nope! This is a long form improv comedy tournament.

Can we dress up in costumes?
Sure! Suit yourself!

Do performers get paid for this?
No. All proceeds go the theatre.

Do performers have guest list?
Yes, each performer can put one person on the list. However, only paying audience members will be allowed to vote.

Is there a prize for the winning team?
Yes, you get your team name enshrined on the theatre wall for eternity. Plus bragging rights. All performers competing in the finals will get a free drink at the bar and all performers in all tournament rounds get 25% off drinks at the bar.
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