Apply for YVote Youth Mini-Grants
YVote is excited to engage teens in channeling the activism of Marches and Protests into meaningful political change, at and beyond the ballot box. The goal of these grants are to help advance YVote's 18 in '18 goal to get many more 18 year olds to vote and to help channel the current civic energy around gun violence into sustained political engagement about issues (gun-related or others.) We know that activism can be expensive and time intensive; our new mini-grants program aims to support you in financing such efforts and to provide any technical assistance and mentoring you might need to achieve your ambitions. Please describe your vision and plans below. Contact if you have any questions. We look forward to your ideas and action!
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Group Leader Name: *
Names and emails/phone numbers of anyone else who you anticipate working on this project with you:
Name of project (example: Blood Money Won't Get You Re-elected)
Brief description of project (ex: We are going to research if and how much money politicians in NY, NJ, and CT have taken from the NRA along with youth voting statistics in their districts and how many votes it might take to influence the campaign and produce a really nice brochure with infographics that connects these things) *
Brief description of why you want to work on it and why it matters (ex: A lot of people don't realize how much money the NRA gives to politicians, and how much that influences them. We want to make that transparent so that young people know and that it compels them to vote. We also want them to know how MUCH their vote matters by showing them how close certain elections are and how much of a difference greater youth turnout can make) *
Brief description of "product" or outcome of your project (ex. We will produce a powerful color brochure with infographics about what we've described above and distribute it broadly at school and community events and through sponsored Facebook ads. The brochure will also list how you can Pledge to Vote through our website. As a result of this work, we believe we can influence at least 1000 voters.)
Brief description of budget, up to $250--how much you are requesting and what specifically you will use it for (Ex: $100 for project management (AKA your time) and $50 for color copies. A budget for a Voting Party might be $75 for a venue, $75 for food, $75 for a DJ, and $25 for Facebook sponsored ads--make sure to check if your prices are realistic. YOUR time will likely be the greatest cost in many projects) *
Any questions or anything else you'd like us to know?
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