Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group (SFPIRG) | Summer 2022 Volunteer Form                                                                                                          
Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering with SFPIRG during the 2022 fall semesters! Please fill out this form, and you will receive an email with next steps within 2 weeks. All information we receive through this form will be kept confidential and secure.

We are so excited to engage with your ideas, thoughts and reflections about social justice. We look forward to our community building and collective organizing adventures!

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SFPIRG brings together people who have diverse interests and life experiences. To facilitate respectful engagement around social and environmental justice, successive groups of student Board Members have worked on continually updating our Organizational Values: These serve as a guide for the work of SFPIRG. People who become involved with SFPIRG in any capacity are asked to review these values. IMPORTANT – You do NOT have to agree with (or even know what you think about) everything in these values, but to volunteer with us, we DO ask that you agree to respect these values whenever you are representing SFPIRG as a volunteer or engaging with people in our spaces, on our social media, or at our events. Have you fully read the values, and can you agree to respect these values in our space, on our social media, at our events and/or while representing SFPIRG as a volunteer? *
Join a collective of students working together to mobilise knowledge on important issues! We use social media to share stories from students, researchers, and community organisers and inspire our community to learn more and get involved. This collective does their work through interviews, making social media graphics, reading and distilling information about topics, and more! For the fall term will be covering a range of issues with a focus on mental health.

Come and grow you research skills with SFPIRG! We are currently involved in two stream of organising that require research - one supporting anti-TMX youth organisers and one engaged in building community wellness and safety that doesn't include police and security. if you are interested in doing research that has an immediate impact on the communities around you, this is a good place to be! Looking for research teams to do interviews, literature reviews, knowledge mobilisation (taking some big pieces of research and making them available and accessible to the general public), and finding resources that can help us build training and education.
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SFPIRG is committed to making our space and events as accessible as possible for all bodies and minds. Do you have any access needs or accommodations that would support you while volunteering that you would like to share with us ? Please feel free to discuss your accessibility needs directly with us as well. *
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