Statement of Support for Collective Bargaining Rights
Thousands of Graduate Assistants (GA) in the University System of Maryland (USM) teach courses, conduct research, and administer campus programs. Yet, the State of Maryland does not recognize GAs as employees, denying thousands of GAs basic employment rights.

GAs are denied legal contracts, Social Security benefits, and collective bargaining rights. Without contracts, we have no means to address employment concerns with the university administration. This leaves us vulnerable in the face of poor workplace conditions, unlivable wages, exploitation and harassment, unclear job expectations, and more.

Campuses that have won collective bargaining rights see higher wages, retirement benefits, childcare stipends, and greater workplace satisfaction.

We urge the Maryland Legislature and Governor to legalize collective bargaining rights for Maryland's graduate employees by passing legislation that grants us the right to collectively bargain, and access to the State Higher Education Labor Relations Board.

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