<Yeti> Guild Application Form
Please reach out to Liddan, Phinius, Lowlife, or Alisha in-game with any questions.
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What guilds have you been in on Ragefire? What was your reason for leaving? *
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Why do you want to join <Yeti>? What do you expect from joining <Yeti>? *
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<Yeti> is committed to balancing Real Life priorities with our EverQuest goals. As such, we have 3 DKP raids on set days & times per week at a maximum. This may put us at a disadvantage when it comes to high priority targets. Are you comfortable only raiding 3 set nights and times per week? *
We require the use of TeamSpeak for raiding. It is only required for you to be able to listen. You do not have to be able to talk. Are you able to use TeamSpeak during raids? *
We use Slack as a replacement for forums, and all pertinent information will be posted or linked in Slack. Do you agree to register for our guild Slack? *
If you answered no to the TeamSpeak or Slack questions, tell us why (if you answered yes, you may skip this question).
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Here is a link to all our Policy Documents (http://yeti-eq.com/index.php/About-yeti.html?). Have you reviewed all materials, and agree to adhere to all of our policies? *
We do not tolerate any form of toxic behavior. Our intent is to foster a positive and collaborative community where all members can enjoy the game. Players who violate this intent and/or our code of conduct will be subject to removal. Do you understand our stance on harassment and toxicity? *
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