REGISTRATION FORM: 2nd Global Mennonite Peacebuilding Conference and Festival
Please take time to fill out the registration form. There are 2 parts:

1. Fill out this form
2. Make a secure payment on our Paypal page. You find a link after comlpeting part 1 OR visit link in the menu

Your registration is only valid after completing both parts.

We, the planning committee, look forward to welcoming you in June at Mennorode. Feel free to be in touch with any questions or concerns in the upcoming months.

Prof. Dr. Fernando Enns
Drs. Fulco van Hulst
Drs. Andres Pacheco
Daan Savert
Dr. Nina Schroeder
Daniel Serrano Bernal
Drs. Henk Stenvers
Jan Willem Stenvers

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