KURE DJ Application
So you would like to be a KURE DJ, would you? Well, we'd certainly love for you to be a part of our team, with a few caveats:

-We want to know who you are
-We want to know how to get in contact with you
-We want to know that you'll align yourself with the musical goals of the station

All you need to do is fill out the form on the following page, and then submit a MANDATORY 2 hour playlist to djdirector@kure885.org to be considered for hire by KURE.

"Musical goals of the station? So, you're a bunch of music snobs then?"

Yes and no, but mostly no. KURE has been a student run radio station providing service to the greater student body of Iowa State for over 50 years. Our goal has always been to provide the students with an alternative choice to the music one might generally hear.

"Alternative? What does that even mean anyway?"

In this context, we mean alternative to mainstream, commercial radio stations. KURE (as well as most other college radio stations) strives to provide the lesser known, the not-often heard, and the outright obscure a chance to be heard by a larger body of people. Our general rule of thumb is that if you can hear something on KGGO, Channel Q, Lite, KISS, Laser, or any of the other commercial radio stations, it probably doesn't belong on KURE. We're not saying that commercial radio is bad, we are just attempting to provide an alternative to it.

"So you're saying I can't play any classic rock, new rock, adult contemporary, pop, dance, or hard rock on KURE?"

Absolutely not. Every single one of those (with the probable exception of pop music) genres definitely has a home on KURE, with a bit of careful selection. There are a lot of classic rock songs that neither got nor get radio play; those would find a great home on KURE. There are also a lot of modern rock (hard, soft, pop, or otherwise) bands who release full albums, but only get a single song played on commercial radio playlists. Right there are about 10 more tracks that people don't generally hear, and many times would fit great on KURE.

"So you're saying instead of playing 'U Smile' off of Beiber's 'My World 2.0,' I should play 'Overboard' because it was one of the songs that wasn't a single?"

No. Some crimes against humanity can never be forgiven. (We're only slightly kidding). In all seriousness, there are some types of music that just plain don't fit on KURE. It's a grey area, but after having read through this, we hope that you better understand what KURE's about musically, and why we place such a heavy importance on music in the application process.
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