Share your thoughts for a better Medford

Everyone has ideas of how to improve our city, but there has been no public forum to voice them. If elected, promoting a public forum for discussion as well as neighborhood conversations on the city's future will be a main priority of mine.

I'm the only Medford City Council candidate who has led planning and economic development initiatives and has a professional background in city planning and community development.

I believe listening to residents is among the most important things an elected representative can do. As my first act as councillor, I will establish regular office hours to listen to people's concerns.

Share your thoughts here, and please call me at 781-492-8682 or email me at any time.

Thank you for your consideration on Election Day.
Chris D'Aveta

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    MBTA Service/Green Line Extension
    Garbage Collection
    Police Station
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    Property Taxes
    Road Repair and Pot Holes
    Commercial Business Districts
    Affordable Housing
    Pedestrian Safety
    Medford Public Library
    City Charter Review
    Maintenance of Schools and Parks
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