Winter 2020 New SWAM Instructor Application
Swimming With A Mission (S.W.A.M.) instructors come from diverse backgrounds, but all are dedicated, student volunteers.

In addition to strong swimming skills, qualified applicants will have:

- teaching experience (preferably, but not necessarily swimming-related)
- either experience working with children or experience working with persons with disabilities
- a valid Criminal Record Check (to be uploaded following acceptance as an instructor)

Because S.W.A.M. is a non-certificate program, possession of valid certifications (such as NLS or WSI) is not a formal requirement to becoming an instructor (although it is a strong asset).

A fully certified lifeguard is always on duty during lessons.

Please complete the form below to apply for a S.W.A.M. instructor position.

Lessons happen from 9:00-11:30 on Sunday mornings and you will be assigned a 30-minute time slot to attend.

Once a candidate is selected at the interview phase, they must complete our in-house training program in order to be retained as an instructor.

Any questions or concerns about this application can be directed to
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Please rate your ability to commit to instructing. Routine is one of the most important things to develop when working with children with special needs. In order to ensure that the children have a friendly, recognizable face to greet them when they enter the pool, we need instructors who can commit to missing a minimal number of lessons. *
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Please list any relevant qualifications you hold or have held, specifying in each case if the certification is still valid. (Although formal qualifications are not a prerequisite to serving as an instructor with our program, they are considered an asset). *
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Please consider the following scenario: For the second time in as many weeks, your student Jeremy (8 years old with mild autism) refuses to get into the water. His parents are present at the poolside but remain uninvolved. If your ultimate goal is to make Jeremy feel comfortable in and around the water, how would you handle this situation? Please provide a brief description of your course of action as well as a lesson plan you might use in this case. Please include a selection of potential strategies and/or fun techniques you could use. *
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Have you previously taught swimming lessons? If yes, briefly explain your experience as a swim instructor. *
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Have you previously worked with individuals with disabilities? If yes, in what capacity did you work with this population? *
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I will be able to commit to 8 out of the 9 lesson dates and I understand that attendance is mandatory. I recognize that it is my responsibility as an instructor to notify exec of my absence if I should have to miss a lesson. I realize that there is a two-strike system in place if I miss two lessons without finding a substitute. *
CRCs with vulnerable sector checks (VSCs) are required to teach swimming lessons with SWAM. However, International students DO NOT require a CRC as their student visa screens for the same information. You must not have received the CRC more than ONE year before starting to volunteer with SWAM (CRCs with VSCs issued up to December 2018 will be accepted, if not, SWAM Canada will require you to get a new one). Please select the option below that applies to you! *
The SWAM executive team would like the club to be as accessible as possible to all students. For this reason, our fundraising team has been working hard to raise enough money to reimburse the highest amount possible to each volunteer requiring a CRC. If the cost of obtaining a CRC is the only thing deterring you from applying to SWAM, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help sort something out. **This applies to applicants that previously answered that they are a Canadian student who does not yet have a CRC with vulnerable sector.**
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