Student Survey
On behalf of the Clarksville Montgomery County School System we would like to request you spend just a few minutes completing this survey. Please know your responses will be kept completely confidential. No one outside of the district level data team will have access to your responses with your name attached.

This survey was originally created by Mrs. Duana C. Hall to collect data for her research as part of the requirements for her doctoral degree. Your confidential responses will be used to help guide district work and within Mrs. Hall's research.

Thank you again for your participation.

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What school do you attend? *
Do you have a parent or guardian who was in the military last school year and/or this school year?
Do you have a parent or guardian who was deployed in the military last school year and/or this school year?
If you answered yes to the last question, approximately how many months was your parent/guardian deployed last school year?
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Did you have a parent or guardian who is military deployed this school year?
If you answered yes to the last question, approximately how many months has your parent/guardian been deployed this school year?
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To what extent do the sentences below describe you? Check one answer for each statement.
I have people I look up to.
Getting an education is important to me.
My parents(s)/guardian(s) know a lot about me.
I try to finish what I start.
I am able to solve problems without harming myself or other (for example by using drugs and/or being violent.)
I know where to go in my community to get help.
I feel like I belong at my school.
My family stands by me during difficult times.
My friends stand by me during difficult times.
I am treated fairly in my community.
I have opportunities to develop skills that will be useful later in life (like job skills and skills to care for others.
I enjoy my communities’ traditions.
I tend to bounce back quickly after hard times.
I have a hard time making it through stressful events.
It does not take me long to recover from a stressful event.
It is hard for me to snap back when something bad happens.
I usually come through difficult times with little trouble.
I tend to take a long time to get over set-backs in my life.
I usually manage one way or another.
I feel proud that I have accomplished things in life.
I usually take things in stride.
I am friends with myself.
I feel that I can handle many things at one time.
I am determined.
I can get through difficult times because I have experienced difficulty before.
I have self-discipline.
I keep interested in things.
I can usually find something to laugh about.
My belief in myself gets me through hard times.
In an emergency, I am someone people can generally rely on.
My life has meaning.
When I am in a difficult situation, I can usually find my way out of it.
My parent/guardian shows me he/she is proud of me.
My parent/guardian takes an interest in my activities.
My parent/guardian listens to me when I talk to him/her.
I can count of on my parent/guardian to be there when I need him/her.
My parent/guardian and I talk about the things that really matter.
I am comfortable sharing my thoughts and feelings with my parent/guardian. *
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