Pixelartchemist Attribution for days
Thank you for using my asset and the credit!
Just put in some of your project details here so i could link back/promote your project too.

TBH, this form and my system to link back and attribute/promote is still in it's infancy, so i can't guarantee I'll be able to nail this immediately, but i'll do my best! :D
I'll be sure to keep on refining my methods to min-max the shit out of this for the both of us!

TLDR; I'll be using this to brag about how you use my assets while bragging about your project! 😆
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Asset pack used? A link to the store page is best. *
Your project name? *
A short description of your project?
Link to your project? In case you have multiple outlets/links, here's a paragraph box. ;) *
A link to each team members' socials? Can't guarantee that i'll follow you, but i'll do my best to keep up and post who the project team members are.
Ah, yeah. Almost forgot, link to your credit/attribution? A screenshot uploaded to imgur or wherever is fine. *
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