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Is accommodation offered? If yes, what type? *
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If accommodation is NOT offered, how much would the teacher pay in rent per month? Will you help the teacher find accommodation? *
ex: he'd pay 400 USD for own studio, furnished or 300 USD for a room in a shared apartment; yes, we will help in finding accommodation.
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Are the utilities (electricity, water, heating, internet) included or does the teacher need to pay for them? If he/she pays, how much do they cost apx.? *
ex: no, they cost ~50 USD/month / yes, they are included, up to 40 USD/month etc.
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What documents do you need from the teacher? Please detail their exact form. *
ex: we need Bachelor degree, supra-legalized and translated into English language / we need Criminal report, supra-legalized and translated into English language, certified by the Embassy etc. etc.
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If you decide to hire the teacher we recruited for you, how long does it take for you to send the invitation / required documents for him to obtain the working visa? *
ex: once we decided on him/her, in 7 working days we will send him/her all the documents to obtain the working visa
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Do you offer any other advantages for the teacher? *
ex: out of the total xxx USD for the residence card, we will cover xxx USD / we will pay 100% of the compulsory medical insurance tax / teacher benefits of free Vietnamese language lessons etc. etc.
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