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To further the School’s mission and purpose, which includes developing well-rounded, engaged students, active parental participation will be required at the School. Parents are required to participate in their child’s education. We have determined that active

parental participation is essential to the delivery of our educational goals and is the key to the success of the overall program.

Parents are encouraged to volunteer a minimum of 20 hours per school year. When two or more children from the same family are enrolled, parents will be asked to volunteer a total of 30 hours per school year. The School Principal or other school designee verifies the completion of the hours and credit is applied to the family’s account. Parents are provided with numerous volunteer opportunities which can be completed at the school or at their home, thereby alleviating any possible hardship that may be created for parents that may not be able to complete volunteer hours at the School. 

Many opportunities are provided to families that have a limited schedule and school personnel work closely with each family, individually, to design their volunteer opportunities to meet the needs of their family. 

Please plan in advance therefore, school personnel is aware and they have volunteer opportunities available. Parents are not allowed to volunteer in classrooms (only for special events with consent from administration) 

Please note no babies/siblings are allowed while volunteering at school during school hours.

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