GBU Resistance Welcome Form
To be completed after you have signed up to be a Resistance Agent. Ingress is a social game, and for us to maintain our team's integrity we must verify all agents. This will require an in-person meeting at some point. Benefits of being verified is that we will induct you into our verified hangouts where we discuss, plan, and coordinate operations. Operations are great opportunities to advance in the game and improve your stats . . . plus it's a cool way to meet new people. If you are under 18 please be accompanied by a trusted adult if you wish to meet other agents, and, no matter your age, always choose a public place when meeting someone for the first time.

The best opportunity would be to attend a Blue Monday event!
Who is the agent that recruited you? *
If an agent handed you a card their name should be written on the back below the instructions. If it is blank, or you picked up the card in a public place please type where you received the card.
What is your name (First & Last) *
What is your in-game-name (IGN)? *
Are you age 18 or over? *
Please Share your G+ Profile *
paste this link in your browser: after the page loads copy the URL, and paste it below.
In which part of the Green Bay area do you reside? *
If you selected "other" to the last question please specify
What time of day are you most likely to play Ingress?
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Would you like to be part of the Ingress Emergency Broadcast System (IEBS)? *
When there is heavy ENL activity, farm attacks, or BAFs being thrown we can alert players to dispatch for defense.
If you selected yes to joing the IEBS please provide your phone number, and wireless carrier.
Alerts are sent via text message, and no we won't spam your phone, or sell your number.
If you selected "other" for your wireless carrier please type in your carrier here.
Phone Number
Anything you'd like help with right away, or any questions that you have? Please type them here!
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