IG Event Calendar and Zoom Request
Please use this form to submit any proposed events for the IG calendar and/or to request a Zoom link from the MMSC. In order to promote accessibility of online events, the MMSC Zoom accounts have the ability to integrate closed captions and we encourage you to use them whenever possible!

Before filling out this form, please check the IG calendar and try your best to avoid booking events at the same time as other events. We would like to ensure all students have the opportunity to go to as many events as they would like to! If your event does overlap with another event you will not have access to MMSC Zoom accounts and the associated features.

Your event does not need to be fully planned to fill out this form but the date and time should be confirmed. This is meant to reserve an event time and Zoom access for your IG. After filling out this form, your event will be placed in the IG Calendar (information will be updated when a newsletter request is filled out: https://forms.gle/NdzWqTMCrEUbfx5r7). A member of the MMSC will send you a Zoom link for participants and the Host ID which will enable you to claim host in the session, please keep track of these until your event! The Zoom link for participants will automatically be included with your event in the IG calendar.

We would recommend filling out this form early in the process of event planning to ensure that the time you want is available.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to mmscvpcomm@gmail.com (Erin Vink, VP Communications) or tessa.anzai@medportal.ca (Tessa Anzai, VP Internal-Hamilton).
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