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Songs of Survivors Veterans Workshops were designed to provide Veterans the opportunity to learn the craft of songwriting. These specific workshops allow participants to tell service-related stories through lyrics and music in a safe, supportive and empowering environment.

Each workshop is 5 hours long, and typically held on a Saturday.

Songwriters will:
- come together as a group to write a unifying song that highlights each person's story
- share experiences
- learn about songwriting techniques
- record an original song as a group

This workshop will be taught by David St. Romain, Doug Gay and Sarah Burke.

David St. Romain is a singer/songwriter/veteran and Nashville Star alum.

Doug Gay is a seasoned session musician and touring musician, recording tech and long-time music educator, .

Sarah Burke is a singer/songwriter, touring musician, and music educator.

We will contact you and keep you updated with upcoming workshops!

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