State of State Spring Conference Speaker Application
State of State’s mission is to provide a platform for ideas about Penn State, from Penn State. During our conference, to be held in late March, we will be engaging students, faculty, alumni, and the State College community in a dialogue about the state of our University.

Each year, our conference highlights a variety of topics focused around the Penn State and State College community. Here are some suggestions, but we are open to anything this year:
-- Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
-- Continuous University Expansion
-- Diversity of Student Experiences (ex. international, first generation, transition of campus, transfer, etc).
-- Sexual Violence
-- Sustainability
-- Hazing at Penn State  
-- The Non-traditional Student's Experience at Penn State
-- Penn State Traditions and if it's time to change or not
-- Local Downtown Business Changes 
-- Campus Activism
-- Campus and Community Safety
-- Penn State in the Media
-- Party Culture

If you are interested in acting as one of our students speakers, sharing your thoughts, opinions, and experiences in a 5-10 minute pitch and discussion, please join our conversation and fill out the application below. To be considered, your topic must be: relevant to Penn State, meaningful, and actionable. Each question should be answered in a thoughtful and concise manner, and should be no more than 300 words per question.

Applications are due on January 6th by 11:59pm EST. We will be in contact with you no later than Sunday, January 6th, at 11:59pm to confirm your audition time. Auditions will be held on Monday, January 8th, through Friday, January 12th, between 6-9pm. We will notify you by Wednesday, January 17th, if you've been chosen to speak at State of State 2024.
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How do you define yourself within the Penn State Community? Please include any clubs, organizations and/or other cultural or social communities.
Please state in a few words the topic of your proposed speech. (Ex: Greek Life; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Political Activism on Campus; Downtown State College Changes and How They Affect Students; etc.)
In a few sentences, briefly describe how the issue you stated above affects Penn State and why you would like to explore this topic.
Part of State of State's mission includes creating sustainable change for the University. What aspect of your content would you bring to life as an actionable component, project, or initiative? Please be specific and describe your vision for post-conference action.
Please go to the Calendly poll link and select an audition time. Auditions will be held on Monday, January 8th, through Friday, January 12th, between 6-9pm.
Thank you so much for your interest in State of State. If you have any questions, please contact Megan Lavelle or Vivian Kase ( or Grace Hatchard (
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