BCAM Extra Curricular Sign Up- Fall 2020
We are excited to announce our schedule and line up for BCAM's Fall Semester Extra Curricular Program! This year, we are offering a host of opportunities, both in person and on zoom, ranging from athletics and fitness, to art, leadership and culture!

As you read through the descriptions and make your decisions, please keep the following in mind:
- All programs are free and open to all students!
-Programming will begin during the week of November 2 and go through the end of first semester, January 18th.
-You must commit to attending weekly sessions for the entire 12 weeks, excluding holidays, and must act in accordance with all BCAM policies and expectations. More than 2 absences, or breaking school or group expectations may lead to being removed from the program
-Your participation in after school programs is dependent on your presence and engagement in the academic school day. Advisors and staff will support you and hold you accountable to strong attendance, effort in classes, and completion of work to ensure that you can stay in the program.
-You can sign up for up to 3 programs, but you don't have to sign up for more than 1!
- You cannot sign up for multiple clubs that meet at the same time. Learning to make difficult decisions is an important skill!

After reading through the description of each club, continue the survey to give us your contact information, then move on to make your selections.

The deadline to sign up for clubs is Sunday, November 1 and programs will begin the following week. Faculty advisors will be in touch to invite you to the clubs and provide zoom links and other relevant information.

Please reach out to Mr. O'Brien at JObrien16@schools.nyc.gov with any questions! We will also be holding a zoom info session on Thursday, October 29 in the evening to share a bit more about the programs and answer any questions. Zoom link to come soon!
NEW: Intro to Mixed Media (MoCADA Art Museum)
Meets: Friday 3:00-4:00 PM on Zoom
Faculty Advisors: MoCADA Guest Teaching Artists

Description: Students will explore expressing their identity and interpretations of the world around them through a mixed media artistic approach, ultimately crafting a style that best translates their artistic goals. Drawing inspiration from contemporary and historical artists of the African Diaspora cultures, they will explore abstract and portrait collage, mixed media drawing and painting, as well as 3-D assemblage and paper mache. Artists to be explored include (but are not limited to) Helina Metaferia, Komikka Patton, Alma Thomas, Vanessa German, Betye Saar and Willie Birch.
NEW: BCAM Girls JV Basketball Workouts
Meets: Thursday/Friday 2:30-4:00
Faculty Advisory: Mr. Munch

This club will help you improve your basketball skills or even learn new skills. If you are a beginner and want to try basketball come on down! We will be accepting all ladies who have an interest in playing JV basketball this year and having fun!!!
Meets: Tuesdays 3:00-4:00 PM on Zoom
Faculty Advisor: Ms. Jones and Ms. Linden

Description: Co led by Ms. Jones and Ms. Linden, Black Mirror is a place to share your thoughts, hopes, dreams, skills, insight and enthusiasm as we look at Black and Latinx trendsetters/pioneers /influencers in fashion, culture, music, art, photography, social media and social justice. This is your chance to celebrate Black and Latinx culture and the impact it’s had on the world. This is your time to speak to anything that speaks to YOU! This is your chance to represent what makes you shine!
BCAM Boys Basketball Workouts and Skill Development FULL
Meets: Monday/Wednesday 6:30 AM-8:00 AM in BCAM Gym (subject to change per DOE policy)
Faculty Advisor: Ms. Greene

Description: A Basketball Skills Clinic based program which allows boys from all 4 grades to showcase their growth in game situations at the end of each session.
Program Goals/Outcomes
• Improve the basketball skills of the players in the program by teaching fundamentals.
• Create a competitive mind-set for all that will translate to every day situations.
• Use as a recruiting tool for future PSAL seasons ( players and managers).
• The feel of being a student-athlete via workouts.
• Expose players to life lessons via basketball.
• Make sure the players have an enjoyable experience.

BCAM Girls Basketball Workout and Skill Development FULL
Meets: Monday/Wednesday 2:30-4:00 PM in BCAM Gym (subject to change per DOE Policy)
Faculty Advisor: Mr. Hunter

Description: This club will help young ladies who are interested in learning about basketball and how to play the game. We will focus on skills and drills as well as getting into basketball shape. There will also be a focus on learning basketball rules and strategy. Participating in this club can possibly help with making either the girls varsity or JV basketball team.
BCAM Co-Ed Soccer Workout and Skill Development SPOTS STILL AVAILABLE
Meets: Wednesday 3:00-4:30 PM in BCAM School Yard
Faculty Advisor: Mr. Diallo

Description: The BCAM Soccer Clinic Program is a program that gives student athletes the opportunity to be active and keep practicing in order to improve on their soccer skills. The program is open to all returning BCAM soccer players and students who are interested in learning about the sport and aspire to become soccer players. Participants who complete the program will be eligible to participate and join the BCAM Coed Varsity soccer squad for the upcoming PSAL soccer season.
Krank Strength and Conditioning Fitness Program SPOTS STILL AVAILABLE
CHANGE: Meets: Monday/Friday 2:30-3:30 in School Yard
Faculty Advisor: Dan Salazar, coach and owner of Krank Brooklyn, and Ms. Mia

Description: Gain strength, conditioning skills, and self confidence through this coaching program with Dan Salazar, Coach and Owner of Krank Systems Brooklyn (https://www.krankbrooklyn.com/)! Open to all levels, young men and women, whether you are an athlete, or want to try strength training for the first time. This is an opportunity to get in some physical wellness and build skills at a time when most of us are confined to our homes.
Meets: Monday/Wednesday 3:00-4:30 PM on Zoom
Faculty Advisor: Victorious Remak (guest teaching artists)

Description: Learn Hip Hop, Afrobeat, Contemporary and Freestyle dance styles and techniques! You will also build strength and flexibility through these dance movements.
Meets: Tuesday/Wednesday 3:00-4:30 PM on Zoom
Faculty Advisor: Mr. BSatz and Mr. Obah (Guest Teaching Artists)

Description: Develop your skills in songwriting and beatmaking with the intention of contributing to BCAM’s 2020-21 Mixtape. Topics to be studied and turned into song lyrics and content include our upcoming Presidential Election, the Black Lives Matters movement, and the experiences of teenagers in this age of COVID.
BCAM Podcast/TikTok Academy FULL
Meets: Wednesdays 3:00-4:30 Pm on Zoom
Faculty Advisors: Ms. Gleksman and Ms. LaFemina

Description: An audio and visual club with students. We will focus on three areas of interest: socio-emotional health, news/community interest topics, and entertainment. The content created in this club will aim to go live on the website by late November!
BCAM Anime/Manga Drawing Academy FULL
Meets: Fridays, 3:00-4:30 PM on Zoom
Faculty Advisor: Ms. Gent

Description: Anime is a form of Japanese animation, where manga refers to Japanese comic books and graphic novels. In this class we will explore and learn how to draw anime characters. We will start with the basics of how to draw faces and build our way up to creating our own characters and finally a mini manga (or short comic strip). This class is for beginners as well as those who already consider themselves experts. This will be a place where you can express yourself creative ideas through a specific form of drawing.
BCAM Film/Video Making Academy: Visual Voice SPOTS STILL AVAILABLE
Meets: Mon 3:00-4:30 PM on Zoom
Faculty Advisor: Mr. Broderick

Description: Students will learn how to take advantage of the technology they have at home to get their voice out. Youtube will be the platform we deliver our end product on. Through the process, students will learn the importance (or lack thereof) of different production values including idea proposals, sound design, site inspection, video production values, script writing, and editing techniques that help draw an audience.
BCAM Model Material FULL
Meets: Thurs/Friday 2:00-3:30 PM in BCAM Auditorium and Zoom
Faculty Advisor: Ms. Murray

Description: Model material is an after-school program that builds self- esteem for young adults . Model Material is a team that provides exposure towards fashion design, photography, clear example of skills and strategy, team building , choreography, dance , make-up, model clothes
BCAM Visual Art Independent Study, Portfolio Development and Competitions FULL
Meets: No Set day; individual appointments set up by advisors and students, Zoom and Google Classroom
Faculty Advisors: Ms. Martinez, Ms. Ross, Ms. Herbes

Description: An independent after school art class in Google Classroom. Students who sign up will be given access to this flexible and virtual class space where those who want to develop their techniques, enter art competitions, or need to get a portfolio together for applying to art school can come and choose from the prompts and postings in this virtual space.
Introduction to Digital Media (MoCADA Art Museum) SPOTS STILL AVAILABLE
Meets: Thurs 2:00-4:00PM on Zoom
Faculty Advisors: MoCADA Guest Teaching Artist

Description: An introduction to the art of digital media from GIFS and digital collage, to writing, producing and directing video art.
BCAM Intro to Music Journalism SPOTS STILL AVAILABLE
Meets: Thurs 3:00-4:30 PM on Zoom
Faculty Advisor: Ms. Linden

Description: Do you love listening to music? Think grafitti and photography is cool? Want to express yourself through words? Then come be part of BCAM’s Hip Hop Music and Culture Journalism group. Every week we will check out old and new school classics and learn how to write reviews and articles about some of your favorite artists. We will also explore videos and images that have helped shaped the culture. Projects will include creating an on-line magazine .
BCAM Peer Group Connection (PGC) and Mentorship SPOTS STILL AVAILABLE
Meets: Tuesdays 3:00-4:30 PM
Faculty Advisor: Ms. Mia

Description: An opportunity for 11th and 12th grade students to take on a leadership and/or mentorship role for 9th and 10th graders, to support them in their journey through high school and share lessons learned. You will build leadership and facilitation skills. This opportunity is for those who are not in the PGC class, and includes a stipend for those who meet the program requirements and follow through for the entire year.
BCAM Yearbook Development FULL
Meets: Fri 3:00-4:30 PM on Zoom
Faculty Advisor: Ms. Jaishwar

Description: Help design this year's digital yearbook! You will get to help design different sections of the yearbook from staff and academic pages, to sports and even the cover; and support seniors in creating their own personalized senior pages!
BCAM Artistic and Intelligent Young Men (AIYM)/My Brother's Keeper SPOTS STILL AVAILABLE
Meets: Tues 3:00-4:30 PM on Zoom
Faculty Advisors: Mr. Bullock and Mr. Cooper

Description: This program is designed to create a safe space to establish strong relationships between our BCAM young males and mentors where we explore a variety of issues around race, politics, mental health, fashion, film, music and education, etc. So be ready to get in depth about your favorite kicks of all time, what films move you the most, how you feel about the current state of our country and more. We will meet weekly via zoom (Tuesdays from 3pm-4:30pm). Our program will also take part in zoom events with other schools, in conjunction with the department of education and outside organizations that feature specific speakers and guest in fields related to sports, business and entertainment.
Meets: Mon 3:00-4:30 PM on Zoom
Faculty Advisor: Ms. Fan

Note: This club is available to 11th and 12th graders who have previously taken at least one year of Mandarin.

Description: We will use “ Hello Chinese” APP to continue the language learning based on themes, have conversations in pairs in the building or breakout rooms on zoom. We will work on group projects about Chinese history, geography, Chinese holidays, traditions, and customs in various aspects of Chinese culture, such as weddings, cuisine, etc. We will watch Chinese movies and discuss the plot and culture in the movies. We will also have field trips to Chinatown to eat in a Chinese restaurant, buy groceries in a Chinese store and visit Chinese museums if it’s possible.
BCAM Intro to American Sign Language FULL
Meets: Wed 2:30-4:00 PM on Zoom
Faculty Advisor: Ms. Gent

Description: American Sign Language is a beautiful way of communicating. Some would even call it an art. The hearing impaired and deaf population use it to convey meaning and messages in a language based on the use of their hands. Students will learn about deaf culture and acquire basic ASL communication skills. Max of 20 students.
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