Open Call
Thank you for submitting a proposal. The deadline for poster, workshop, birds of a feather discussions, and panel submissions is Sunday March 19, 2017.

Students in all progressions of their academic careers are encouraged to submit a proposal.

Academic, community, and industry professionals are invited to share their experiences by participating as a presenter, speaker, panelist, workshop leader, or poster presenter in the conference.

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Synopsis guidelines:
* 200-word maximum outlining the problem/topic you are researching

For consistency, ACM NMCWiC is mirroring many sub-disciplines offered at the national Grace Hopper Celebration. If you would like a deeper breakdown of the topic, please visit

Computing, Research, Technology & STEM Talks Track

Artificial Intelligence
Computer Systems Engineering
Cyber Security
Data Science
Emerging Technology
Internet of Things
Wearable Tech/Computational Textiles
Gaming, Computer Graphics and Animation
Human Computer Interaction
Smart Grid Research
Software Engineering

Career, Cultural and Social Issues for Women in Computing Track

Broadening Participation
Career Planning and Development
Environmental Conditions
Gender Divide
Historical Context
Impact of Socialization
Misconceptions of CS
Need for Diversity
Turning Around Under-Representation


AP CS Principles
CS in the Classroom
Computational Thinking
NGSS and Computing
Encourage and Utilize Partnerships
Make CS Count
CS Legislation in NM
Teach CS

The ACM NMCWiC organizing committee reserves the right to reposition submitted proposals to other designated session types, if the committee experiences an abundance of submissions in one or more areas.

Are you ready to share your in-depth knowledge about a particular technical topic? We would love to see your presentation. Each presentation should be 20-30 minutes long and will include a Q&A session. We will group multiple presentations on similar ideas into one-hour time slots. Include the title and full abstract of your presentation proposal.
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Interactive by nature, workshops are presenter-lead, structured training followed by in-depth discussions, exercises or problem solving. Apply to lead a workshop, and help others develop their skills. Include the title and full abstract of your workshop proposal.
Workshop Title
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Workshop Summary
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Panels let a group of individuals convene around and discuss a particular topic. You can format your panel in a variety of ways. Formats include: Opening with a short introduction followed by a moderator-lead Q&A; Short presentations by three and four participants followed by an interactive dialogue amongst them; Presentations followed by an audience driven Q&A. We highly encourage diverse, cross-organizational or interdisciplinary panels. Your panel must have a specific core point of contention. Successful submissions will include who will take which side of that issue. Include the title and full abstract of your panel proposal.
Panel Title
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Panel Summary
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BOFs are guided, interactive discussions. You and your fellow facilitators will introduce the topic (about twenty percent of your allotted time) and then lead conversation with the audience. Your role will be to keep the discussion on topic and civil. Include the title and full abstract of your BOFs proposal.
Birds of a Feather Title
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Birds of a Feather Summary
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We highly encourage attendees to participate in the poster session, and we are excited to see what you will be presenting! An abstract submission is required for your poster to be accepted.

Celebrations of Women in Computing events host large technical poster sessions. This is the perfect opportunity to informally present your research to conference attendees and experts in your field. Designed to help you solicit constructive feedback, the poster session lends itself to those who are still exploring an idea and have not fully developed their results into a completed paper. Include the title and full abstract of your poster proposal.

Poster Abstract guidelines:

100-word maximum outlining the problem/topic you are researching

Once your abstract submission has been accepted, please include the following in your poster:

Problem and Motivation
Future Work (if applicable)

Posters may be no larger than 3’x4′.
We will assign your space and will provide pushpins.
A map of your location will be provided onsite.
Please be prepared to set up your poster at the poster session on Saturday, April 22, before the Poster Session begins at 10:00 am.

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Poster Abstract | Summary
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Notification Process
All submissions are reviewed on a fair and even-handed basis across all sub-disciplines. Each reviewer prepares his/her review independently of others looking at the submission. The committee organizes a discussion of the submissions, but only between reviewers who have already submitted a full review in draft.

By March 24, you will receive an email notifying you of our decision regarding your submission.

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