High School Choice Form
Welcome parents/guardians and students. This form is to be used by students and the parents/guardians of students who are residents of St. George and currently enrolled in 8th-11th grade. Eighth grade students and their families must submit a High School Choice Form form by JANUARY 31, 2019. You can use the online submission form below or you can download, print, complete, and return an PDF form available on the school website.

Here is a link to the downloadable PDF form (https://goo.gl/7ysDP8) and the policy regarding School Residency, Attendance, Tuition and High School Assignment (https://goo.gl/ovZLUn).

All students must also submit a Proof of Residency Form (https://goo.gl/gxgpRW) to complete their high school application and registration.

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If the student plans on attending Oceanside, Camden Hills, Medomak Valley, or Lincoln Academy, will they require transportation on a St. George MSU bus/van?
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