Chicago OWASP Speaker Submission Form
First, a BIG thank you for volunteering to speak at an upcoming Chicago OWASP meetup event. These events are only possible because of people like you! Please use the form below to submit your idea for a talk. Once we get the submission, we'll review it and get back to you as soon as possible.

A couple of guidelines to consider prior to submitting. This is an OWASP security meetup. We'll have folks of all levels in the audience interested in hearing about application security topics. Please keep this in mind when submitting your talk. Also, OWASP holds highly a neutral and unbiased approach to security that is free from undue vendor influence.

Here are a few specific tips to maximize the value of your talk with the OWASP audience:

1. Please be sure that your talk is objective, stresses open source approaches, and avoids references to any commercial offerings of your company

2. Feel free to introduce yourself and your current company on the bio slide, but try and avoid references to your company throughout the presentation

That's it - OWASP'ers love good talks with new ideas and approaches for security! Thanks for your help in making the Chicago OWASP chapter meetup a success!

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Frequently asked questions
What topics / experience ranges will attendees have?
We will have everyone from pros to beginner. Please at least cover basic overviews of technologies before jumping in. A variety of topics/levels are welcome.

Did my talk get approved?
We are gathering talks now. We hope to get as many talks as possible. The OWASP organizing committee will select the best content that is relevant for an upcoming meetup and let you know as soon as we finalize the lineup.

Where is the event?
It will be in Chicago (downtown). Details of each event will be posted to the meetup group. The events will be held from 5:30 - 8:30pm on a weekday evening.

How long can I talk?
These are 45 minute time slots, but it’s fine if the actual talks are closer to 30 minutes. These are fairly informal and meant to be a bit interactive, so you’ll want to have time for Q&A. We also offer spaces for shorter (10-15 minute) turbo talks if that's more appropriate.

Do I need to send in my slides early?
In general, no. That said, you may be asked to submit your slides or outline as a part of the speaking approval process. Presenters will project from their own device.
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