Tool Library Roundtable Online Feedback
Fresh off forming a board of directors and incorporating as a nonprofit, the Tool Library is embarking on a strategic planning process and needs your help! How can we build a stronger, more inclusive Buffalo with shared tools and resources?

Share ideas and brainstorm ways the Tool Library can continue to empower neighborhoods and provide communities with the tools they need to create the change they want and how you can help.

You can read what over 30 participants shared with us at the Roundtable on Saturday, April 28th here:
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What category do you fall under?
How would you restructure membership to the Tool Library?
Ideas for getting the word out about the Tool Library?
What sort of new projects/workshops would you like to see the Tool Library tackle?
How can the Tool Library improve and expand existing community projects?
Where would you like to see the Tool Library expand to/open up a satellite location?
What sort of marketing merchandise/SWAG would you like to see the Tool Library develop?
What sort of creative fundraising ideas should the Tool Library explore?
Would you be in favor of a Tool Library rental service for higher end tools?
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If yes, how would you structure the rental service? (e.g. fees, length of rental, etc.)
What partnerships/sponsorships should the Tool Library explore?
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